Tara Cross ‎– 1982 - 89

Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD85
4 × Vinyl, LP, Remastered, Compilation
Box Set, Numbered, Limited Edition

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Selections From Spurt Ditties 1982 (Cass, 1982)
A1 Tara Cross Glassmaker 1:10
A2 Tara Cross I Must Be Strong 1:00
A3 Tara Cross Learning The Truth 1:30
A4 Tara Cross I Wanna Be A Cop 1:25
A5 Tara Cross Ancient Like Bach 1:00
A6 Tara Cross Echo Beat & Small Synthesizer Sounds 1:21
A7 Tara Cross Cocktails With James Bond 1:30
A8 Tara Cross No Way Out 2:45
A9 Tara Cross Reverse Situation 1:55
Selections From Waiting For The War 1983 (Cass, 1983)
A10 Tara Cross Waiting For The War #1 1:15
A11 Tara Cross Airplane Invasion 2:30
A12 Tara Cross Eyes Don't Lie 3:20
A13 Tara Cross Untitled #7 2:45
A14 Tara Cross War Never Sleeps 2:50
Concocting Chaos 1983 (Cass, 1983)
B1 Tara Cross Orient Man 2:10
B2 Tara Cross The Groupie 2:33
B3 Tara Cross Underwater Cities 2:30
B4 Tara Cross Retaliation Of Dignity 3:52
B5 Tara Cross Seasons To India 3:33
B6 Tara Cross Try Troy 1:50
B7 Tara Cross It's Cold 4:35
Collaboration Tracks With Henk Wallays Of Unovidual (1984 - 88)
C1 Tara Cross Microphone Connection 4:00
C2 Tara Cross Like I Am / Comme Je Suis 3:13
C3 Tara Cross I'm Going Away 6:45
C4 Tara Cross Discovering Dishes 6:38
C5 Tara Cross Touch Me Here Touch Me There 4:20
Searchlight And Torch With Stefan Tischler Of Port Said 1984 (Home Produkt, Cass, 1984)
D1 Tara Cross Checkpoint 1:50
D2 Tara Cross Alpine Connection 5:21
D3 Tara Cross Clandestine Locale 1:45
D4 Tara Cross Alien Code 2:35
D5 Tara Cross The March 2:01
D6 Tara Cross Arcadia 3:24
D7 Tara Cross Beyond The Corridor 3:06
D8 Tara Cross Porto Rico 1:12
D9 Tara Cross Silkworm 2:23
D10 Tara Cross Searchlight And Torch 4:17
Tracks From Limelight 1985 (Vita Nova, Cass, 1985)
E1 Tara Cross Flight * 1
Featuring – George Matthewson
E2 Tara Cross Tori's Dream 3:12
E3 Tara Cross I Won't Cut It Away
Featuring – George Matthewson
E4 Tara Cross Limelight 1:53
E5 Tara Cross Long Distance
Vocals – Markus Keusch
E6 Tara Cross Hotel Midnite 5:25
E7 Tara Cross Flight * 3
Featuring – George Matthewson
E8 Tara Cross Hear Me (Short Edit) 1:23
E9 Tara Cross Desperate 3:42
E10 Tara Cross Alphabetical Numbers 1:03
Compilation Tracks 1985 - 89
F1 Tara Cross City Limit 4:29
F2 Tara Cross No More Drugs 2:57
F3 Tara Cross Oriental Men 2:52
F4 Tara Cross Small Talk 2:08
F5 Tara Cross Dot U're T's And Cross U're I's 3:33
F6 Tara Cross With Human Dance Philosophy, What Philosophy? 3:50
F7 Human Flesh Feat. Tara Cross I Love You You Know 3:16
F8 Human Flesh Feat. Tara Cross Lack Of Identity 5:36
Tempus Fugit (Permis De Construire, LP, 1988)
G1 Tara Cross Rain Sprouts 5:08
G2 Tara Cross PK-15 2:45
G3 Tara Cross Shade Of Blue 4:05
G4 Tara Cross Tempus Fugit 4:08
G5 Tara Cross Days Fade 2:11
G6 Tara Cross Pulse Purgative 1:34
H1 Tara Cross Hush 4:40
H2 Tara Cross Babe 1:41
H3 Tara Cross That Boy 4:11
H4 Tara Cross 627 6:27
H5 Tara Cross Aalter Image 2:06

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Hand-numbered limited edition of 600 numbered copies.
Members edition comes in a beige embossed, hessian look like box and includes a 12"x12" inch sized sheet with tracklist on one side and a photo on the other side, a signed Tara Cross picture and a numbered certificate.
All is housed in a brown cushion/pillow case with black printing, measuring 16"x16" inch.

Track B7 "It's Cold" (also on V/A One for Bangkok, Cass, 1983).
Track C1 "Microphone Connection" (V/A Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 12, Insane, Cass, 1986).
Track C2 "Like I Am / Comme Je Suis" (Unovidual Entropies, Micrart, Cass 1986).
Track C3 "I'm Going Away" (previously unreleased).
Track C4 "Discovering Dishes" (previously unreleased).
Track C5 "Touch Me Here Touch Me There" (V/A SNX Box, Hawai Records, LP, 1985).
Track E1 "Flight * 1" (also on V/A Mineral Composition, Stratosphere Music, LP, 1985).
Track E9 "Desperate" (also on V/A Insane Music Vol.6, Insane Music, Cass 1984).
Track F1 (on V/A Life '85, Temporary Music, Cass, 1985).
Track F2 "No More Drugs" (on V/A Femirama, Auxilio De Cientos, LP, 1986).
Track F3 "Oriental Men" (on V/A Sensationnel No.3 & No.4, Illusion Productions, Cass, 1985).
Track F4 "Small Talk" (on V/A Sensationnel No.3 & No.4, Illusion Productions, Cass, 1985).
Track F5 "Dot U're T's And Cross U're I's" (on V/A Necronomicon 4, Necronomicon, Cass, 1987).
Track F6 "Philosophy, What Philosophy?" (from a Conclusion of Unrestrained Philosophy, Lifevil Compact Discs, CD, 1989).
Track F7 "I Love You You Know" (from Penumbra, EE Tapes, Cass).
Track F8 "Lack Of Identity" (unreleased, 1989).

This box set is dedicated to Kathleen Cross and Stefan Tischler.
The image on the other side (picture of one side of 12"x12" inch sized sheet) is courtesy of Bruno Keusch (from Concocting Chaos, Cass, 1983).
Correct title for F7 is "I Loved You, You Know..." and it was published on CD, not cassette.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Catalog# LP 1): VOD85.1
  • Other (Catalog# LP 2): VOD85.2
  • Other (Catalog# LP 3): VOD85.3
  • Other (Catalog# LP 4): VOD85.4



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November 29, 2011
Wholly excellent, and absolutely necessary for anyone interested in harmonic / melodic electronic experimentation or primal pop.