1 Intro 1:35
2 Belong Tonight 5:52
3 Honestly 3:21
4 Will You Follow 3:46
5 Leaving The World Behind 3:07
6 The Salt 3:43
7 Turn Off All The Lights 3:00
8 Into The Night 4:40
9 Brought Me Home 4:16
10 Oh Sista 2:50
11 Skipping Stones 6:27



Any problem there is, can be cured with Salt: sweat, tears or the sea.

An Ocean folk tale, a soundtrack to a forthcoming short film.

The story of a dusty man that leaves his home to find a new world across the Sea. His hero journey gets way-layed
when the elements take him under, and he only can return home after a long dance with the Siren Queen.. ..