Tawee ‎– A Static Rainbow: Green

Cassette, Limited Edition, Green


10 Dash 1
A1 Don De Rebirth Day
A2 Magnetism In The Crystal Cove
A3 Propeelios
A4 Phantom Of The Laptop-Ra
A5 Prehistoric Space Funk
A6 Albino Butterflies Chased By An Air-Shark
A7 Stalag-Nebula Overture For Mouth & Voice
A8 Basement Of A Crystal-Shaft
A9 Fore A.D.R.I.
A10 Static Cleansing
1 Dash 10
B1 Free-Association Discorporated Light-Bodies Congregate

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May 24, 2018
"I hate to spray almost every song with seemingly perdulous praise here, but Tawee — via the Bright Angles + Seafoam 3-inch CD-R and the “A Static Rainbow: Green” cassette tape — are another tantalizing act that spread through my body like one of those blood-eating diseases you see in horror movies (yeah, THAT one). They, like so many of their brethren, don’t even bother to sing, emoting instead through reeds, hand drums, echo and filth. At this point the preceding four fillings are like eggs ‘n’ bacon (i.e. you can’t escape it), but I’m still at the point where my tolerance for them isn’t exhausted. BRING IT ON. Oscillators optional." - The Gumshoe Grove


May 24, 2018
"The Green Tape was the second part of the Static Rainbow cassette series and it is an example of forward thinking noise par excellence. In all seriousness, Tawee was one of the main reasons for my initiating this series. His tracks go beyond the territory of normal noise heshers to unexplored realms, deeper drones, hard hand drums, ethnic flourishes, crystalline structures that one might have heard during the glory days of the ECM label but you sure aren't hearing now. In a genre as democratic as noise music, Tawee stands a head above the rest, making complex compositions with great attention to detail; psychedelic, positive sound exploration".- John Thill