Tear Ceremony ‎– The Clockface Frown

Simulacra Records ‎– none


A1 Fear And The Shop Girl
A2 The Clockface Frown
A3 Unspied
A4 Adrenal Hush
A5 The Exhibitionist
A6 Elevated
A7 Face
B1 The Wrong Side Of Time
B2 Fluid & Calm
B3 NIckel Of The Dime
B4 Please As A Constant
B5 You, In Frost
B6 The Number 8
B7 Still


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June 4, 2012
Aaagggh! How many tapes will I listen to that I should have heard years ago and find them to be so much better than I had anticipated. The cover and name of this tape sounded Goth to me, so I had put it to the back of my 'to be reviewed' cupboard. Well, the joke's on me. If you are into Industrial in the original TG sense, then this will be a treat for you. Think factory, think Hell-spawned places which would twist the human mind to jelly, think bleak, raw machine logic. Think LULL. Think CONTRASTATE. Think of a Satanic slant on DOME. Think early COLD MEAT INDUSTRY. This is a portrayal of an alien, dystopian world, peopled by machines which process all living things into fuel. Think cogs, great smoke-belching chimneys, BOSCH, LOWRY and GIGER caught in a matter transporter, melded into one screaming, insane, twisted Artist-Genius who can only express his paintings through sound. Think a Planet Of The Apes scenario where HESTON discovers a cave wrought out of the remains of Chernobyl, a huge malign cavern wherein live LOVECRAFTIAN beasts of sharp bone and death white blubber, drooling, slavering things which may once have been men. Think of all these things and more, and you may be able to imagine the soundtrack that goes with the images.
This is very much like the tracks from LULL's first "Dreamt About Dreaming" album which had some degree of structure & rhythm to them. A dark, uneasy journey, punctuated by all-too-human voice snatches. It's often subtle, never particularly overstated, and without doubt a genre classic.

TEAR CEREMONY - are they still trading? One certainly hopes that, in a scene where quality is not guaranteed, and half of the music seems to be uninspired Goth, those who offer something worthwhile survive.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.