Tekken (3) ‎– Peace, Unity, Noise And Having Fun

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Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition
CD, Compilation


Side T
T1 Tekken (3) Truth Of Today
T2 Fatal Nunchaku Ska Fucking Sucks
T3 39 Francs Le Kilo L'armée Des Ombres
T4 X-Or (2) Le Supplice Du Dentifrice
T5 Tennis Bastard All Gonna Die
T6 Ned (4) What Can I Do?
T7 Bruno Lopez (4) Rock'n roll
T8 George Bitch Jr. I See Life Much Clearer Now
T9 Sophie Katakov Don't Want To Be Like You
Side K
K1 Tekken (3) Join The Mainstream, Fall In Love
K2 Meny Hellkin Secondary
K3 Mediocratie We're Better Than You
K4 Habsyll That's Alright
K5 Krap Nek Noise
K6 The Rebels (31) Back To The Roots
K7 Duo Tangence Don't Drown Yourself In Your Tears / Remember 68 / Tekken On T'encule / Burp
K8 Pekatralatak On Va Tous Mourir
K9 Hypoptalasias Rock'n roll
K10 Nekket Futal Fecal
K11 Tekken (3) How To Make Friends, Have Money
Side N
N1 JE Taken By Tekken 5
N2 JE Taken By Tekken 1
N3 JE Taken By Tekken 6
N4 JE Taken By Tekken 2
N5 JE Taken By Tekken 7
N6 JE Taken By Tekken 8
N7 JE Taken By Tekken 9
N8 JE Taken By Tekken 3
N9 JE Taken By Tekken 10
N10 JE Taken By Tekken 4
N11 JE Vs Gaizy* Taken By Tekken 11
N12 Gaizy* Spasme
N13 Gaizy* Le Supplice Du Dentifrice
N14 Gaizy* Fucking Bastard
N15 Kukozu What Can I Do? (atmospheric Kungfu Remix)
N16 Kukozu Hell On Earth (black Vox Remix)
N17 The Guy Who Invented Fire How Could You Be Happy
N18 Raph.A* What Can I Do? (bell Remix)
N19 Digital Smart Republic Hell On Earth (fetish Remix)
N20 Pressure (12) Vs Tin.Rp Shut Up To Feel Alright
N21 Guitare Brothers Do Iou File Alyrite
N22 Tin.RP How Could You Be Happy (ambient Remix)
N23 Tin.RP How Could You Be Happy (with Such A Crappy Remix)
N24 Tin.RP Why Don't You Just Mind (the Noise You Make With Your Fingers On Your Guitar Part 1)
N25 Tin.RP Why Don't You Just Mind (the Noise You Make With Your Fingers On Your Guitar Part 2)
N26 Pressure (12) Hell On Earth
N27 Moon (15) Hell On Earth
N28 Tin.RP Hypop (ultra Noise 1)
N29 Tin.RP Hypop (ultra Noise 2.3)
N30 A Diet Of Dry Nails What Can I Do (to Fix Your Broken Vocoder)
N31 A Diet Of Dry Nails What Can I Do
N32 Pierre François Lacenaire* What Can I Do (douche Mix)
N33 Kid Tenia 13 Slave (P.S. one Remix)
N34 Pierre François Lacenaire* Couscous
N35 Pierre François Lacenaire* Sexy Folies
N36 GDZ Holidays In Bali
N37 Moon (15) Tekkenik Vomitiv Khommandoh
N38 Julien 213* How Could You Be Happy When You Listen To This Kind Of Merde
N39 Julien 213* That's Alright Becasue We Are Always Wrong
N40 Julien 213* To Change Gold To Stoner
N41 Julien 213* What Can I Do To Become A Situationist
N42 Julien 213* Cranes Made Of Stone
N43 Julien 213* Music Is Competition For Brainless Corpses Wearing Baggies


The biggest coproduction of all times
300 copies made
comes with a 8 pages booklet A4 size (history of the project, contacts of almost all the labels involved, texts of some of the bands)