Tellus 2 ‎– Dikotom

Creon Records ‎– CREONCDA05


1 Big Bad 7:08
2 Hippie Trip 7:05
3 Just A Call 7:14
4 Food Joy 7:59
5 Hugs 7:41
6 Erotic Electronic 7:12
7 Designed For Dance 7:06
8 You Don't Know 7:21
9 Kinke Lane Koff 7:04
10 Off The Record 7:18



Guitars by Ulf "The Muffler"



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December 19, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
Tellus 2 (Magnus Bäckström) from Sweden is out with his second album on Creon Records. This guy is known for quite unique style within the full on genre, and dares to put a little bit more creativity into it than most other full on acts these days.

This album starts with a very melodic, full on track. But, the melodies doesn’t sound too simple, and not as clubby as most other full on these days. It reminds me more of older melodic goa trance, but in a modern way. Still, this production doesn’t sound as massive as most trance music does these days, and a stronger bass line would be nice. Track 2 sounds a bit more massive. This one is not as melodic, but we get more twisted psychedelic sounds in there. It has some quite clubby ingredients, but doesn’t sound like other club psytrance being released these days. Track 3 sounds pretty weird. Very different, but interesting. Sounds a bit hommade, but I like the creativity and sounds we get here. Again, I find the bass line a bit simple. Melodic trance that should fit well at a forest party in the early morning hours. Track 4 is quite intense. This one also goes quite weird and unusual. It builds up a little and sounds like a little rolling monster. One of the most massive tracks on this album. Track 5 is my favourite track on this album. This one goes really trippy. Melodic but not too fluffy. Nice and drifting with some really great sounds and mystic vibes. Again, it reminds me a lot of old school goa trance.

Track 6 starts with some Indian vocals. The rest goes melodic, quite full on. This one reminds me a little bit more of Israeli trance. Track 7 is a stumping track with a bit more floating, trippy vibes. The melody in this one is pretty cool. Again, something for the forest party early in the morning. Track 8 goes totally melodic too. Totally old school goa vibes all the way through. Pumping track with great sounds and melodies. He has also put in some guitar sounds in this one, which I don’t like very much, but it doesn’t get over the top. Track 9 is a pumping, darker track, with some mystic vibes. The rest sounds like an old school, melodic goa trance track. The last track on this album is a chill out track. Also one of the best tracks on this album in my opinion. Very floating and relaxing with some flute. Nice, chilled finish on the album.

Tellus 2 definately delivers something different from the rest of releases coming out these days. If you are looking for some melodies of the kind you found in older goa trance releases, this might be worth checking out. But, still I think that also the production sounds a little bit old school...