Ten And Tracer ‎– Seeper Whale

Year Of Ten – 9
File, MP3, 320 kbps


1 Seeper Whale 2:53


"First, what is the deal with this track title? Surely I was rushing and had to put some words in for a new folder, but Seeper Whale… I just don’t know why I would do a thing like type those words on a computer. Well, try not to judge the track ahead of time just because of the name – it’s a cool track. I dabble in hip-hop beats from time to time. There are some MCs I’d like to work with, but whenever I try to make an instrumental track to give to them, it’s too weird, too dense, too dense with weirdness. And so I never give it to them and I work on it like a Ten and Tracer track. Or sometimes I am pretty deliberate about it from the start. I don’t know which this is. It’s all full of vinyl bits and sloppy hi-hats, getting off the ‘grid’ if you know what that is. Don’t worry if you don’t. So, check it, don’t wreck it, dig the tale, of Seeper Whale."

Released as part 9 of the artist's "Year of Ten" weekly series. The release of this track was delayed because of the artist's travel to Cuba.