Terrence Dixon + Michael Zucker ‎– Fundamentals



Terrence Dixon MTA
Terrence Dixon Over The Top
Michael Zucker Foundation Pt. 1
Michael Zucker Reflection



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August 4, 2015
referencing Fundamentals, 12", AV001

I love the propulsive, jitterbug groove, all nervous and tight, that Terrence Dixon creates on MTA. The sci-fi atmospherics that ride along give it a dystopian feel. A gaseous haze spirals up periodically then disintegrates as quickly as it appears. Over The Top is driven by a strong bass line and chugging rhythms with chimes jumping up and down.

Michael Zucker's contributions tone down the intensity and have a more relaxed cadence. Foundation Pt 1 builds slowly. It feels contemplative, nice to unwind to and feel the space after the more uptight vibes of Dixon's tracks. Reflection continues this tone with dubby chords but a more urgent pace.

I like how this 12" sets up two different but visceral listening experiences. Dixon agitates and then Zucker unwinds.