Thanksgiving ‎– Thanksgiving

Marriage Records ‎– MAR020, P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd. ‎– ELV 007
3 × Vinyl, LP, Red, White, Blue


Fuck The World
A1 Essences 1:50
A2 Around The World 3:12
A3 Thanksgiving 3:25
A4 Fuck The World/Welcome Home Human 4:23
B1 Dead Deer & Other Animals 3:04
B2 In The Woods 4:54
B3 Let Them, Give Up 1:52
B4 Alone In The World 1:50
B5 Thanksgiving 3:18
I Am Yours
C1 I Am Yours 2:47
C2 The "In The Redwoods" 4:47
C3 You Say "We're Alone" 2:45
C4 I Know Who You Are 1:57
D I Am Yours 11:49
Welcome Home Human
E1 Welcome Nowhere 2:21
E2 Stay In Spring Field 5:31
E3 Remembering 2:37
E4 Welcome Home, Human 6:16
F1 Building My House 5:18
F2 Black Paintings 2:39
F3 Oregon 2:08
F4 New Morning 3:47
F5 End For To Start Again 2:50
Fuck The World
CD1 Essences 1:48
CD2 Around The World 3:12
CD3 Thanksgiving 3:25
CD4 Fuck The World 1:01
CD5 Welcome Home Human 3:21
CD6 Dead Deer & Other Animals 3:02
CD7 In The Woods 4:56
CD8 Let Them, Give Up 3:21
CD9 Alone In The World 1:45
CD10 Thanksgiving 3:38
I Am Yours
CD11 I Am Yours 3:17
CD12 The "In The Redwoods" 4:40
CD13 You Say "We're Alone" 2:26
CD14 I Know Who You Are 2:01
CD15 I Am Yours (Radio Version) 3:23
Welcome Home Human
CD16 Welcome Nowhere 2:26
CD17 Stay In Spring Field 5:39
CD18 Remembering 2:52
CD19 Welcome Home, Human 6:05
CD20 Building My House 5:13
CD21 Black Paintings 2:28
CD22 Oregon 2:02
CD23 New Morning 4:11
CD24 End For To Start Again 2:42



Record 1 (entitled "Fuck The World") and Record 3 (entitled “Welcome Home Human”) released by Marriage Records. Record 2 (entitled “I Am Yours”) released by P.W. Elverum & Sun, Ltd.

LPs in triple gatefold sleeve with CDr version of the album and a little insert.

Track A4 is listed as two separate songs on the record label, but there is no noticeable track separation on the LP, and the track is given a combined time on the label. The CDr version is slightly edited to fit on a CD, mostly notably track D, "I Am Yours," is presented in a 3:23 "Radio Version".