The Amorphous Androgynous* ‎– A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind - The Wizards Of Oz



Tame Impala It Is Not Meant To Be
Cybotron (2) Gods of Norse
Krozier & The Generator House Of The Sun
Russell Morris The Real Thing
Leong Lau Salem Abdullah
Doug Jerebine Midnight Sun
Rob Thomsett Moulding Of Red Earth 1:06
Hiroshi*, Claudia This Early Broadminded's Emptiness
The Sunset Strip Mercy Killing
Rob Thomsett Entrance To Warraambool (Part 2)
Air (11) The Sea 3:09
Kanguru Waves of Aquarius 10:02
Cybotron (2) Raga In Asia Minor
Ash Grunwald Walking 4:16
Rob Thomsett Flight Of Yaraan
Kongress Eyes Of The Witness



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May 2, 2015
edited over 5 years ago
referencing A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exploding In Your Mind - The Wizards Of Oz, 2xLP, Comp, Gat, FEST601025LP
This is really a thoughtful compilation In terms of the unique path Australia has taken within the genres of psychedelica, prog rock, prog electronica, and even pop rock, ever since their conception in the late 60's. It's also an interesting representation of what people currently interpret as 'psychedelic' rock today.

Tame Impala appears to be the most contemporary artist on here and the song "It's Not Meant to Be" has a naive, yet endearing garage sound to it that gives a little glimpse of the now popular band's younger self. This song is a much more appropriate choice than anything that could have been chosen from the hook-laden and carefully-crafted album: Lonerism, and it's rough, lucid sound does well in capturing the spirit of an Australia continuing to discover its own style of psychedelic rock.

While pioneers in terms of progressive electronica within Australia, and coincidentally emerging just about the same time as Tangerine Dream, Cybotron have only just recently in the past two years crept out of the woodwork, with their rather humble back catalogue slowly being re-released by the record label - Dual Planet. "Raga In Asia Minor" feels very much like a bit of improvised prog electronica which I'm sure an early Jazz-loving Vangelis would approve of, and as it pulses along you never really know where they're going to take it, except of course you can guarantee when the song starts to wane they're only moments away from freaking out again with that primal, monophonic synth and blaring sax!

I would never have thought to put "The Real Thing" by Russell Morris on this album since I've come to think of it as a bit cliche due to its appearance on a few TV adds here in Australia during the mid 90's. (Obviously trying to market goods to baby boomers who had settled down, and swapped the free love and drugs for a mortgage and a nice TV!). But it just goes to show that early mainstream Australian culture was actually quite open and receptive to new forms of free expression within independent, experimental rock music. Looking at it from a fresh new perspective, It really is an ingenious bit of absurdest pop which goes towards lightening the overall mood of the album.

By far the little gem on here is Geoff Croizer. If you're interested in the weird and occult within Australia, then you have to check out Geoff's magic shows on Youtube. I've been looking for his music, as well as the Rainbow Generator for a few years now but they've never re-released it, that, and the original albums have recently rocketed up in price. This album alone is worth it just that one song, and it's probably the cheapest Geoff Crozier or Rainbow generator album you're ever likely to find.

Overall, If you're into psych and you've made it this far, but you're still wondering if you should take a chance on this album: do yourself a favour and just buy it, you won't regret it.