The Beatles ‎– Paris Left Breathless

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3 × CD, Unofficial Release
2 × DVD, Unofficial Release


Palais Des Sport, Paris, France - 20th June 1965 (Afternoon Show)
Source A - On Line
1-1 Twist And Shout
1-2 She's A Woman
1-3 I'm A Loser
1-4 Can't Buy Me Love
1-5 Baby's In Black
1-6 I Wanna Be Your Man
1-7 A Hard Day's Night
1-8 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
1-9 Rock And Roll Music
1-10 I Feel Fine
1-11 Ticket To Ride
1-12 Long Tall Sally
Source B - Off Air
1-13 Tuning
1-14 Twist And Shout
1-15 She's A Woman
1-16 I'm Loser
1-17 Can't Buy Me Love
1-18 Baby's In Black
1-19 I Wanna Be Your Man
1-20 A Hard Day's Night
1-21 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
1-22 Rock And Roll Music
1-23 I Feel Fine
1-24 Ticket To Ride
1-25 Long Tall Sally
Source C - Radio Program
2-1 I'm Alright
2-2 Memphis Tennessee
2-3 Joy, Joy, Joy
2-4 Les Copains D'Abord
2-5 I Wish You Would
2-6 I'm A Loser
2-7 Can't Buy Me Love
2-8 I Wanna Be Your Man
2-9 A Hard Day's Night
2-10 Rock And Roll Music
2-11 I Feel Fine
2-12 Ticket To Ride
2-13 Long Tall Sally
Source A+B+C
2-14 Introduction
2-15 Twist And Shout
2-16 She's A Woman
2-17 I'm A Loser
2-18 Can't Buy Me Love
2-19 Baby's In Black
2-20 I Wanna Be Your Man
2-21 A Hard Day's Night
2-22 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
2-23 Rock And Roll Music
2-24 I Feel Fine
2-25 Ticket To Ride
2-26 Long Tall Sally
Palais Des Sport, Paris, France - 20th June 1965 (Evening)
Remastered Source
3-1 Twist And Shout
3-2 She's A Woman
3-3 I'm A Loser
3-4 Can't Buy Me Love
3-5 Baby's In Black
3-6 I Wanna Be Your Man
3-7 A Hard Day's Night
3-8 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
3-9 Rock And Roll Music
3-10 I Feel Fine
3-11 Ticket To Ride
3-12 Long Tall Sally
Station Archive Source
3-13 Twist And Shout
3-14 She's A Woman
3-15 Ticket To Ride
3-16 Can't Buy Me Love
3-17 I'm A Loser
3-18 I Wanna Be Your Man
3-19 A Hard Day's Night
3-20 Baby's In Black
3-21 Rock And Roll Music
3-22 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
3-23 Long Tall Sally
3-24 I Feel Fine
Palais D'Hiver, Lyon - 22nd June 1965
3-25 Long Tall Sally
Palais De Fetes, Nice - 30th June 1965
3-26 She's A Woman/Can't Buy Me Love/A Hard Day's Night
3-27 June 1965
3-28 In A Car - 21st June 1965
3-29 At The Hotel - 21st June 1965
3-30 Fans Reactions - 21st June 1965
Palais Des Sports, Paris - 20th June 1965 (Evening Show)
Digital Remaster
DVD1-1 Introductions
DVD1-2 Opening
DVD1-3 Twist And Shout
DVD1-4 She's A Woman
DVD1-5 Ticket To Ride
DVD1-6 Can't Buy Me Love
DVD1-7 I'm A Loser
DVD1-8 I Wanna Be Your Man
DVD1-9 A Hard Day's Night
DVD1-10 Baby's In Black
DVD1-11 Rock And Roll Music
DVD1-12 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
DVD1-13 Long Tall Sally
DVD1-14 I Feel Fine
Digital Remaster In Order
DVD1-15 Introductions
DVD1-16 Opening
DVD1-17 Twist And Shout
DVD1-18 She's A Woman
DVD1-19 I'm A Loser
DVD1-20 Can't Buy Me Love
DVD1-21 Baby's In Black
DVD1-22 I Wanna Be Your Man
DVD1-23 A Hard Day's Night
DVD1-24 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
DVD1-25 Rock And Roll Music
DVD1-26 I Feel Fine
DVD1-27 Ticke To Ride
DVD1-28 Long Tall Sally
Broadcast Version
DVD1-29 Opening
DVD1-30 Twist And Shout
DVD1-31 She's A Woman
DVD1-32 Ticket To Ride
DVD1-33 Can't Buy Me Love
DVD1-34 I'm A Loser
DVD1-35 I Wanna Be Your Man
DVD1-36 A Hard Day's Night
DVD1-37 Baby's In Black
DVD1-38 Rock And Roll Music
DVD1-39 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
DVD1-40 Long Tall Sally
Working Clip #1
DVD1-41 I'm A Loser
DVD1-42 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Working Clip #2
DVD1-43 Rock And Roll Music
DVD1-44 Can't Buy Me Love
DVD1-45 Baby's In Black
DVD1-46 A Hard Day's Night
DVD1-47 I'm A Loser
DVD1-48 Long Tall Sally
DVD2-1 News Film #1 - 20th June 1965 (Paris)
DVD2-2 News Film #2 - 22nd June 1965 (Lyon)
DVD2-3 Les Beatles (Station Archive Version)
DVD2-4 The Beatles Meet Paris (Re-Broadcast Kineco Version)
DVD2-5 Documentary (French TV Documentary)
DVD2-6 Baby It's You (Promotion Clip)
DVD2-7 Tonight (18th June 1965)