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Lathe Cut, 7", Single, Limited Edition

Companies, etc.


Includes tiny Peter King Records Worldwide insert.

From label site:

"Nicolas Bragg... Hand’s down, he’s our man about town. He has lent his undeniable talents to the vastly under appreciated noise-pop band Blaise Pascal, the genre defying Kicking it with Coho, and most recently gave Dan of Destroyer a musical backdrop worthy of the verbosity on the This Night album. Meanwhile, Vera Gamboa emerges from a self-imposed exile from the local music quagmire, having shaped the scene over a decade ago with the seminal band Kid Champion. With her maverick guitar style, she is rumoured to be the true architect behind the shamble-rock of Citroen ­ which also features Nicolas and the legendary thunder of Fisher Rose. Nicolas and Vera now give us 6:14 and 4:39 of fragile bent ambience and out jazz-pop beauty on the two sides of this clear, lathe-cut, ltd to 50, slice of vinyl. No reserve."