The Blank Fight ‎– House Band Feud

BBT Tapes ‎– #13B
Vinyl, 7", EP, 45 RPM



"Cindy and Aaron moved into our house and it didn't take us long to realize we had a guitarist, drummer, singer and bassist, and no band, so we started one. We went next door to the next door punk house. They also had a guitarist, drummer, and bassist and no band, so we challenged them to a house band duel. We tried to get the punk house two blocks away and the collective house to start bands too, and figured eventually we'd have a big house band battle. Of course, none of the other houses did anything. We practiced a lot though. We even decided it was so fun that we would do a tour for it and make a tape for the kids. We put music notes on the lyric sheets in case you want to play along or alone or in a car for yer friends. If you don't know minors or sevenths, don't worry, it's all B.S. anyway. We also felt you didn't want to learn any of the solos or that danged pick slide."

Recorded by Scott P, Pensacola FL, Jan 2000