The Boy Without Hands ‎– The Automated Hygenist

Sensory Expansion ‎– SEX000010


1 Cavity 3:01
2 Novacaine 4:42
3 AI Toothbrush 2:31
4 The Automated Hygenist 3:42



Recorded at: Object Impermanence Studios - The Lower Level

Produced/Conceived/Composed by: James Izzo

Synthesized/Engineered/Recorded by: The Boy Without Hands

Sensory Expansion Release II (SEX000010)

"To Be Played Immediately Preceding, During, and Following Your Next Dental Visit"


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September 8, 2011
Mark Weddle writes: James Izzo (aka Thread, see: "Obsidian Monarch / Null Tributary" 7" and "The Need for a Sky") returns with a *free* 4 track EP via a new project, The Boy Without Hands. According to the SEM web site, these songs are "To Be Played Immediately Preceding, During, and Following Your Next Dental Visit". Sounds good to me! This music is quite a bit different from Izzo's past work as Thread. It sounds to me like he may have gained some influences and upgraded his software/hardware. Imagine something similar to classic Aphex Twin meshing with recent Autechre: quirky, playful synth melodies and backgrounds coupled with heavily processed and mangled beats, sounds and brief vocal samples. It's very digital, mechanical and alien. If you have any Aphex or Ae in your collection, you probably know what I mean. This is really high quality stuff, you'd have a tough time discerning this from several of the many well known names on Warp Records. I hope Izzo continues in this direction in the future with at least one of his projects because he seems to be a natural at it. Hey, did I mention this is currently free? Go here for the mp3s. Look for a new Thread single, "In Sweet Sorrow" in October or November and a new album to follow afterwards, both from Sensory Expansion Media and featuring vocal contributions from former SWANS member Jarboe ...