The Cactus Blossoms ‎– You're Dreaming



Stoplight Kisses 2:18
You're Dreaming 3:26
Queen Of Them All 3:40
Clown Collector 2:23
Mississippi 4:02
Powder Blue 2:24
Change Your Ways Or Die 3:26
If I Can't Win 3:18
No More Crying The Blues 2:04
Adios Maria 4:09
Traveler's Paradise 2:59

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January 13, 2019
referencing You're Dreaming , CD, Album, RHR CD 293
The one thing that separates Jack Torrey and brother Page Burkum from so many other singers with that alternative country vibe, is not that they harmonize so effortlessly, drawing comparisons to the Everly Brothers, it’s their control and considered delivery, even as their nontraditional style effortlessly flows entirely unhampered.

This sort of presentation is part discipline and part heredity, as it’s something that just can’t be learned, it’s a style filled with refined originality and epic depth. Of course, the question is forced to rise, “Have this duo set out to encapsulate the spirit of the Everly Brothers from the get-go, or was their sound of that nature, and then refined once this aspect was realized?” Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest that the path Cactus Blossoms travel is far too close to that historic past, yet in the same breath, there is an elemental truth to what these guys are laying down, as their sound, while perhaps not brandedly their own, certainly is fuller richer, more sonically pure, filled with harmonies that linger, delivering an expansiveness to their sound that is straightforward, leaving no room for two ghosts to dance in their rearview mirror.

This is not throwback music in any sense of the word, anymore than a descending guitar chord belongs to any band from the past or into the future, as long as the concepts embraced rain down with splendid originality that capitalizes on the past, allowing something fresh to flower, and the Cactus Blossoms do just that … create 21st century music that goes down easy, laced engaging styles that are far from musty. The boys infuse a sense of innocence, mixed with the experience of seasoned studio musicians to round out their unvarnished flawless performances, with songs that are nearly classics before you hear them.

I suspect that You’re Dreaming will be one of those albums that garners a great deal of attention at first and then falls into that heirloom closet, nearly forgotten, except by those of us who never tire of the warmth of vinyl, those of us who get what Page and Jack are all about, those of us who see this uncluttered laidback music drawn from country and rock as inspirational, deeply needed, seamless and open to infinite possibilities.

Review by Jenell Kesler