The Chemical Brothers ‎– Interview-CD 2007

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1 So, you've finished the new album then... 0:42
2 Where did you record this album? 0:35
3 Do you have any idea how much material you recorded during the making of this album? 0:52
4 Do you do anything with the leftover material? 0:50
5 You must have such an ear for detail... 0:45
6 Why did you decide to team up with Ali Love for 'Do It Again'? 1:29
7 Who came up with the lyrics, you or Ali? 0:51
8 There aren't many bands who experiment with music as much as you do and still have big hits... 1:17
9 Do you enjoy the process of choosing and ordering tracks for an album? 0:36
10 What's the origin of this title, 'We Are The Night'? 0:53
11 Tell us more about the track 'We Are The Night' 0:58
12 Do you like the fact that your music can trigger other people's memories and soundtrack their lives? 0:40
13 What's influenced your choice of instruments on this album? 1:23
14 The song 'Salmon Dance' is bound to surprise people... 0:45
15 What was your reaction when you first heard the vocal? 1:32
16 Have you done any DJ-ing recently to try these tracks out on a crowd? 1:47
17 How much will these songs alter when you play them live? 1:02
18 How did the collaboration with Willy Mason come about? 1:14
19 An excerpt of this Willy Mason song also opens the album... ('No Path To Follow') 0:38
20 How do you decide on the people you work with? 2:10
21 'The Pills Won't Help You Now' featuring Tim from Midlake is a compelling closing track... 1:02
22 How did you enjoy working with the Klaxons? 1:48
23 Did you find that the Klaxons, being British, shared your influences? 0:37
24 Are you flattered when other musicians cite you as an influence? 0:54
25 What drives you to keep making new music? 1:22
26 Would you describe yourselves as songwriters? 1:06
27 In this age of downloads, you clearly still take a lot of trouble over your artwork... 0:33
28 How did you pick the director for your latest video? 0:48
29 You win Grammys, you top the charts and you sell millions, but how do you two measure your success? 1:07
30 And you're still friends after all these years... 0:42
31 Your record company is calling 'We Are The Night' the soundtrack to the summer - do you like the sound of that? 1:24



Only The Chemical Brothers can be heard, not the interviewer; questions are not listed anywhere as CD-R comes without any insert.
This promo is believed to be distributed by the German branch of Virgin to selected German media partners only in order to promote the album "We Are The Night".

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