The Coke Dares ‎– Here We Go With...

Essay Records ‎– SA14
CD, Album


1 Coke Dares Theme One
2 I Won't Start Drinkin' Without You
3 All I Have Is Your Bass In My Head
4 The Guys At Autozone Were Assholes
5 Could You Ever? I Would Never
6 Disappearing Up The Wizard's Sleeve
7 Guns 'N' Reasons
8 Mr. Sooner Or Later Man
9 Is That The Genre Talking Or Is It You?
10 Went To Sleep High
11 Jason Is Going To See You Naked Today
12 Coke Dares Theme Four
13 Black Beauties
14 I'm Pissed
15 I'm Too Busy To Cut My Lines Straight
16 Working His Hole
17 Jesus Speed Freak
18 Asheville Blues
19 Drunk Ambition
20 10 G's
21 You Caught Me Counting On My Fingers
22 Coke Dares Theme Two
23 That Woman's My Train
24 That's It, I'm Chasing This Rat
25 I Like Rocking All The Time
26 I Had A Dream Last Night That I Broke All The Bones In My Hand
27 Acid Church Party
28 You're Not Carrying A Big Box
29 M. L. E. U. M. E.
30 It's Only Rock And Rock (But I Like It)
31 Thank You, I'm Sorry, I Love You
32 Coke Dares Theme Three