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1 The Cure Boys Don't Cry (Demo Chestnut Studio, Surrey 27th May 78) 2:42
2 The Cure A Forest (Instrumental Rehearsal Session) 6:04
3 Robert Smith Temptation (Original Instrumental Demo) 3:56
4 The Cure Let's Go To Bed (12" 'Duke' Remix) 6:07
5 The Cure The Lovecats ('TC & Benny' 12" Remix) 4:36
6 The Cure The Caterpillar (Live In U.K. 1984) 4:08
7 The Cure B2 - Are You Taping? (Original Group Demo) 2:45
8 The Cure A2 - Chirpy Dmc (Original Group Demo) 4:07
9 The Cure Stolen Robin #1 (Original Instrumental Group Demo) 2:16
10 Robert Smith Shivers (Instrumental Home Demo) 2:22
11 Robert Smith Rs3 Arched (Instrumental Home Demo) 2:18
12 The Cure S2 (Original Instrumental Group Demo) 3:39
13 Robert Smith Xp (Instrumental Home Demo) 4:45
14 Simon Gallup Anniversary (Instrumental Home Demo) 5:19
15 The Cure Friday I'm In Love (Live At Kilburn National. May 1992) 3:25
16 Simon Gallup Mint Car (Instrumental Home Demo) 3:29
17 Robert Smith A Thought (Instrumental Home Demo) 5:17
18 The Cure Wrong Number (16b (Crossed Line) 'Warm Vocal' Remix) 5:28
19 Robert Smith B46 V.3 (Instrumental Home Demo) 4:38
20 The Cure Just Say Yes (Early Version) 4:34


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July 3, 2019
What was the original bitrate of this? Were all tracks released as 320 kbps mp3s?


June 22, 2018
Track 10 Just Like Heaven Demo is not the same as the one on KMKMKM unless my ears are broken?

I would add that Track 15 Friday I'm In Love - Live sounds identical (albeit a brighter mix) to the version on the Show live album, which was allegedly recorded in Michigan, so could also be wrongly titled


January 10, 2018
Most of the song names are wrong. Tracklist should be.
1. “Boy’s Don’t Cry” (Original group demo 1978) !!On 3IB deluxe!!
2. “A Forest” (Group rehearsal 1980)
3. “Let’s Go to Bed” (Original instrumental demo 1982)
4. “Let’s Go to Bed” (12″ Duke Remix)
5. “The Lovecats” (TC & Benny 12″ Remix outtake from Mixed Up)
6. “The Caterpillar” (Live 1984)
7. “Inbetween Days” (Original group demo 1984)
8. “Close to Me” (Original group demo 1984) !!On THOTD deluxe!!
9. “Why Can’t I Be You?” (Demo)
10. “Just Like Heaven” (Instrumental home demo 1985) !!On KMKMKM deluxe!!
11. “Lullaby” (Instrumental home demo 1988)
12. “Lovesong” (Original instrumental group demo 1988) !!On Disintegration deluxe!!
13. “Pictures of You” (Instrumental home demo 1988) !!On Disintegration deluxe!!
14. “High” (Demo)
15. “Friday I’m in Love” (Live 1992)
16. “Mint Car” (Simon Gallup’s home instrumental demo 1994)
17. “Wrong Number” (Instrumental home demo 1997)
18. “Wrong Number” (Warm Vocal Mix)
19. “Cut Here” (Instrumental home demo 1997)
20. “Just Say Yes” (Early version 1999)


November 26, 2017
Anyone have a copy of this they can share via download?