The Deep Freeze Mice ‎– Rain Is When The Earth Is Television

Cordelia Records ‎– Ericat 013
Vinyl, LP, Compilation



This is a compilation of unreleased tracks.
Liner notes are as follows:

"Before it was destroyed in a mysterious industrial accident back in 1982, we were able to receive communications from outer spacde in the form of tachyon particles moving at many times the speed of light, using a giant kinetic sculpture called "Entropy of Cubes" which Erica Stock used to keep in her bedroom before she went mad. These messages contained many musical motifs which we recorded and incorporated into our "Gates of Lunch" project.

However, not all of the impulses were as easy to decode. We continued to work on them during the ensuing months and fragments have subsequently been used on other records by The Deep Freeze Mice - the middle section from "Sagittarians" on the "Ranch House" L.P., "One of the people in this room is an animal" from "Constance", and "O.P. 1" and "O.P. II" from "Bo Bo" for example.

Originally, in 1981, we had intended to release all of this material on a double L.P., but we discovered that one whole side of it contained frequencies which had the power to transmute ordinary metals into organic, cellulose based material resembling wood. Now, four years later, we can transfer the missing songs onto disc because Dave Wells made a special box using certain oil-based compounds and amino acids which would neutralise the transmuting effect long enough to get the stuff into the cutting room and out again. (We didn't even dare put them into a car before - you should have seen what happened when Sherree absent-mindedly left the tape box on top of the television.)

So half of this LP is side three of "The Gates of Lunch", and the rest is derived from other sources which we are not at liberty to disclose at the present time."