The Doors ‎– No One Here Gets Out Alive: The Doors Story

4 × Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release,


A1 Doors Mystique The Beginnings “Moonlight Drive” - The Group Forms Fray Manzarek… “Break On Through” - John Densmore “When The Music’s Over” “My Eyes Have Seen You”
B1 Robby Krieger’s Story “Spanish Caravan” “We Could Be So Good Together” “Roadhouse Blues” “When The Music’s Over” “Love Me Baby” - The Indian Incident “People Are Strange” - John Densmore “I Can’t See Your Face” - Jim The Poet John Densmore… “Soul Kitchen”
C1 “Light My Fire” - L S D Jim’s Acid The Whiskey “The End” - Alice Cooper “Celebration Of The Lizard” - Alice Cooper John Densmore Jim’s Acidity And Booze Ray Manzarek… “Strange Days” - The Story Of Cigar Pain
D1 Doors Concerts “Roadhouse Blues” - Crazy Days Of The Fillmore Bill Graham… The Aspect Of Terror “Back Door Man” “Tell All The People” - The Preaching Of Freedom “Ship Of Fools” - The Leap Across Reality And Success
E1 The Doors Trip In The 60’s “Waiting For The Sun” - The Doors Effect “Break On Through” Live - Audience Metamorphosis Narcs And Voyeurs The New Haven Incident “Peace Frog” - The Ultimate Catharsis-Miami The Most Unique And Weird Concert Ever “Love Me Two Times
F1 Jim And The Irony Of Fame Jim’s Love Of Poetry Jim The Shooting Star “I’ve Been Down So Long” - Jim The Shaman The Dark Excursions “Shaman’s Blues” - Altered Perception “Changling”
G1 Resurrection Of Jim Morrison “Horse Latitudes” - Synopsis Of “An American Prayer” The Collective Doors Mind Jim’s Moments In Time Jim’s Love Of Life “Texas Radio And The Big Beat”
H1 The Doors Movie Sex And Death “Riders On The Storm” - The Death Of Jim Morrison-July 3, 1971 Burial As A Poet The Enigma Of Jim’s Death Jim’s Presence The Crucifiction “The End”


This release is a second copy of the original 1979 4 LP radio show Inner-View. An excellent four (4) hour radio show hosted by Jim Ladd, disc jockey and Doors' fan.

To quote, “Los Angeles disc jockey Jim Ladd's syndicated 1979 documentary on the Doors has since passed into legend among the band's fans... ('Doors' director Oliver Stone has one he used for research).”

The site goes on to say, “Typically, rock bio programs for radio are little more than aural versions of Teen Beat, rarely delving beyond the surface appeal of a given artist. Los Angeles-based DJ Jim Ladd's aptly titled Inner View was the first nationally syndicated music and interview program to raise the intelligence bar several notches. Ladd's No One Here Gets Out Alive -- originally broadcast on North American radio stations during the late summer of 1979 -- is an audio biography of the Doors as told by those who lived it. This show marks the first time that John Densmore, Robbie Krieger, and Ray Manzarek spoke candidly regarding the band's origins and their even more colorful lyricist, Jim Morrison. Ladd's narration guides listeners through a profile that is as much sociological as it is historical or musical. This results in an engaging listen for new recruits as well as those familiar with the folklore surrounding the Doors and their craft. In addition to providing a more or less chronological history of the band, each disc examines a specific motif found within the Doors' music. The songs substantiate the revealing interview sound bites between Ladd, the surviving Doors, their band manager Bill Siddons, and concert promoter Bill "Uncle Bobo" Graham, as well as band confidant and author Danny Sugerman. There is no padding or filler on No One Here Gets Out Alive, making the three-hour running time seem infinitely shorter. ~ Lindsay Planer”

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