The Gabor Szabo Sextet ‎– The Szabo Equation: Jazz/Mysticism/Exotica



Galatea's Guitar 5:33
Sunshine Superman 3:45
Divided City 3:22
The Look Of Love 3:15
Bacchanal 4:55
Some Velvet Morning 5:10
Ferris Wheel 5:27
Song Of Injured Love 4:05
Fire Dance 5:39
Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls" 3:45


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November 12, 2016
referencing The Szabo Equation: Jazz/Mysticism/Exotica, CD, Album, Comp, DJZ-605

Calling Gabor Szabo a jazz artist is a rather questionable affair, because he’s really in a class by himself, though certain concepts and structures make it easy to place him in the jazz bin. I first became aware of his work from his Jazz Raga outing, a very diametrically diverse soundscape sort of album that should not be missed. There are those who would attempt to link Gabor to Herb Alpert, and while I can appreciate that comparison, Szabo is essentially a different being, a true hypnotic guitar master of what I would consider to be gypsy jazz guitar, where he plays with perfection and balance, creating a dreamscape where one doesn’t live in the album, or even the song, but in the moment in which he’s playing, creating a vibrantly quiet atmospheric album that doesn’t so much sound as if the music is coming from your speakers … more that his music is a gentle myst that is settling over you, warmly enticing you to sink deeper into your favorite listening chair, allowing yourself to truly wonder.

Of course there are moments of musical recognition, where he’s covering a song you know well, with all of the tracks found here being cover versions, but in a breath, in the instant it takes to make that recognition, the song progresses and morphs into something far different, far more inclusive and intoxicating.

Review by Jenell Kesler