The Geezer*, Sterling Moss & Lethal One ‎– How We Rock / Turn It Up

Official (2) ‎– OFF:006
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition


A The Geezer* How We Rock
B Sterling Moss + Lethal One Turn It Up


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June 25, 2017
edited 3 months ago

To be fair, my impressions are quite similar to the previous reviewer, but I'll be a little more loquacious in expressing that perspective.

Those who know me well know my enjoyment of just about all tunes Geezer-related, so I welcome Guy's inclusion on Official with no small measure of enthusiasm. And unsurprisingly, his track is a rocking acid bubbler with plenty of attitude. It features a repeating hip-hop style vocal, and to be fair, vocal samples in that style aren't always my favorite in acid techno (as opposed to hardcore, where my brain tends to enjoy them more), but thankfully this one compliments the track quite well. Indeed, it comes across more as part of the overall percussion scheme than words per se. In any case, the track rolls along with a slowly intensifying frantic atmosphere, the acid pitching up ever so slightly over time and thereby tricking your brain and boiling your mind like some kind of techno lobster. In the breakdown, the hip-hop vocal takes center stage in conjunction with a pretty catchy breakbeat, all culminating in an acid-guns-blazing drop with massive Geezer stylings, and that's a damn-good thing in my book. Major tune, 5/5.

On the flip, we get another track from increasingly regular collaborators Lethal One and Sterling Moss. And truly, this duo has found a nice groove in terms of their collaborative sound, as they have put together yet another stomping tune here. "Turn It Up" starts relatively simply, but there's already a strong sense of direction and determination, a feeling that only enhances as subsequent layers and synths work their way into the track. Like their last tune for Official, this track includes an old-school keyboard riff, both intermittently and especially during the breakdown. The kick is hard, the bassline is powerful, and the acid is no-nonsense, almost workmanlike (though not without sharp stabs and little flourishes). Nothing to complain about, and much to praise. I'll go 4.5/5, and that's only because I've never been overly fond of that late '80s/early '90s keyboard sort of sound (though saying that, it works here even for me, and many will probably love it).

The bottom line: another quality installment in the Official catalog. Bring on another, I say.


April 1, 2017

Another great Official release!
The Geezer's track is a wild acid roller! Banging from beginning till end. The vocal samples just add icing on the cake. Compliments the track quite well if you ask me.
The Sterling Moss & Lethal One track is also another ripper of a track. It has an old school synth and a funky acid line that goes just well with it. These guys really sound great together.