The Goons ‎– Volume 5 "And There's More Where That Came From"

BBC ‎– ZBBC 1868
2 × Cassette, Compilation, Remastered

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The Call Of The West
A-1 This Is The BBC Home Service 1:56
A-2 It Is 1867 And Dead On Time 1:16
A-3 Did You Say Covered Wagon? 1:46
A-4 A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
Harmonica – Max Geldray
A-5 That Night, The Wagon Train Rested On The Plain 2:20
A-6 Fortunately For Us, Folks, A Bare Ten Miles Away 4:17
A-7 That Night, The Tribes Of The Sioux Confederacy 1:27
A-8 Gentlemen, Sombody's Supplying The Indians With Saxophones 0:50
A-9 You'd Better Know It
Vocals – Ray Ellington
A-10 Meantime In Dodge City, Television Centre Of The Old West 2:37
A-11 I Say, Barman! Drinks For My Lady 2:06
A-12 I'm Calling You, Fellas! 2:59
A-13 This, Then, Was The Situation 2:31
A-14 Ladies And Gentlement, I Have Pleasure in Announcing A Knock On The Door 2:42
The Last Smoking Seagoon
B-1 This Is The BBC Home Service Despite What The Light Programme Says 1:00
B-2 And Now We Present Chapter One Of A New Dynamic Novel 2:05
B-3 Welcome Now To The Shareholders' Meeting, Ladies And Gentlemen 3:27
B-4 Three Years On And Six Million Nerve-Wracking Coughs Later 1:40
B-5 Ladies And Gentlemen, A Bow Street Runner Approaches 1:20
B-6 What More Do You Want?
Harmonica – Max Geldray
B-7 Part Four: The Dreaded National Health Hospital At Hampton Court 1:56
B-8 And Now Part Two Of An Early Roman Trouser Plantation 3:03
B-9 Too Marvelous For Words
Vocals – Ray Ellington
B-10 Aeiough! Well, Ned! So We Meet Again Thanks To Skillful Writing 1:00
B-11 Neddie Hid All The Way On The Boat To South American 2:00
B-12 Neddie, Despite The Age Of That Joke 2:34
B-13 Meantime, Coughing Ned Plans To Escape 2:14
B-14 A Direct Hit From The Tobacco-Powered Zeppelin On The Rice-Paper Balloon 2:36
C-1 This Is The BBC Home Service 1:23
C-2 My Name Is 846 Winston Seagoon 1:30
C-3 Worker Seagoon! Did I Hear You Complaining? 1:54
C-4 I Love You, Darling! 1:40
C-5 That Night In My Room I Sat Out Of Range Of The TV Screen 0:33
C-6 It Had To Be You
Harmonica – Max Geldray
C-7 And So I Entered The Forbidden Goon Sector Of London 2:12
C-8 It Was Then I Wandered Into An Antique Shop 2:10
C-9 Oh! Bluebottle! Eccles! 2:02
C-10 Here We Are! Number Ten, The ITA Headquarters 1:08
C-11 Shake, Rattle And Roll
Vocals – Ray Ellington
C-12 Attention ! 846 Winston Seagoon 3:21
C-13 So The Awful Torture Went On 0:58
C-14 Enter Torturer Bluebottle! 2:46
C-15 Listen, Listen! Great News! 2:38
Shifting Sands
D-1 This Is THe BBC Light Programme 1:32
D-2 The Tale Bloodnok Told Was Of India 1:54
D-3 Seagoon Reporting, Sir! 3:07
D-4 Isn't This A Lovely Day?
Harmonica – Max Geldray
D-5 The Shifting Sands Of Westerizoon, Part Flin 0:55
D-6 A Glass Of Port? I Don't Mind If I Do! 3:36
D-7 Look, The Relief Column's Arrived 1:52
D-8 All Of You / All Of Me
Vocals – Ray Ellington
D-9 The Shifting Sands Of Waziristan, Part Three 4:24
D-10 What's Going On Here? Who's This Soldier Asleep On Guard? 2:35
D-11 Through The Long Night, The Waziris Attacked 0:55
D-12 Good Morning, Gentlemen. British Customs Officers 1:17
D-13 That Was All Fifty-Scree Years Ago 3:33

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1-1. Originally broadcast on 20 January 1959.
1-15. Originally broadcast on 28 January 1960.
2-1. Originally broadcast on 8 February 1955.
2-16. Originally broadcast on 24 January 1957.

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  • Barcode: 5011755186845