The Goons ‎– Volume 7 'Ying Tong Iddle-I Po!'

BBC ‎– ISBN 0-563-38941-9
2 × Cassette, Reissue, Remastered

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The Whistling Spy Enigma
A-1 This Is The BBC Home Service 1:14
A-2 The Crimes You Are About To Hear 0:58
A-3 Captain Hairy Seagoon 2:58
A-4 Ladies And Gentlemen 1:13
A-5 Ah, Seagoon, This Is Him 1:37
A-6 I Don't Know Why
Harmonica – Max Geldray
A-7 I've Just Been On The Phonograph 4:06
A-8 Answer That 'Phone! 1:30
A-9 ABC Boogie
Vocals – Ray Ellington
A-10 The Whistling Spy Enigma, Part Two 2:29
A-11 Aha! Captain Seagoon! 1:06
A-12 Ladies And Gentlemen 2:01
A-13 I Heard You Call Me 1:19
A-14 In Here, Lads! 1:10
A-15 Ah, Bloodnok. Switch On The Radio 3:47
The Affair Of The Lone Banana
B-1 This Is The BBC Home Service 1:44
B-2 The Scene Is The Country Home 2:47
B-3 At The British Passport Office 4:27
B-4 You're Driving Me Crazy
Harmonica – Max Geldray
B-5 The Affair Of The Lone Banana 2:38
B-6 When The Englishman Awoke 2:15
B-7 Ladies And Gentlemen 1:41
B-8 Prisoner Seagoon 1:43
B-9 A Sky Blue Shirt
Vocals – Ray Ellington
B-10 The Affair Of The Lone Banana 1:56
B-11 The Affair Of The Lone Banana 2:23
B-12 Ayeee! Eyeohh! My Nut! 2:36
B-13 The Affair Of The Lone Banana 1:02
B-14 Will Seagoon Get Out In Time? 2:30
The Great Tuscan Salami Scandal
C-1 This Is The BBC Home Service 2:46
C-2 It Was One Day 1:21
C-3 Dear Listeners, Let Me Explain 1:00
C-4 Inspector Macgregor! 2:12
C-5 And Now The Tuscan Salami Scandal 1:07
C-6 I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
Vocals – Spike Milligan
C-7 Three Months Have Passed Away 1:53
C-8 I've Got It! 1:17
C-9 He's Gone! 1:16
C-10 The Tuscan Salami Scandal, Part Three 2:34
C-11 And So Neddie Seagoon Packs 6:36
C-12 Can Anyone Here Tell Me Anything? 1:05
C-13 Bicycling Rapidly To Victoria 2:24
C-14 We Found Him Lying Prostrate 1:58
D-1 This Is The BBC Home Service 0:36
D-2 Hear That Next Bit, Dear Listeners? 0:47
D-3 My Name Is Jampton 2:09
D-4 With The Exploding Of His Boots 0:55
D-5 Dear Listeners 3:26
D-6 Sweet Lorraine
Harmonica – Max Geldray
D-7 Gentlemen, The Voluntary Collection 2:00
D-8 Indeed, The Scottish Gentlemen 1:20
D-9 The Home Secretary Sent A Warning 0:36
D-10 We Return You Now To Scradje 1:49
D-11 Eyeehh! My Nut! 1:40
D-12 Hold Him Tight
Vocals – Ray Ellington
D-13 An Now The Scradje 2:41
D-14 In The Huge Pyramid 3:13
D-15 Good Evening. Since I Last Spoke 4:18

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Episodes originally broadcast on:
28 September 1954
26 October 1954
21 February 1956
13 March 1956

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  • Barcode: 9 780563 389415

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