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March 22, 2018

This is one of the best records I've ever heard.
I've bent over in laughter at the juxtaposition of music and lyrics.
Without a doubt the singer / lyricist is the genius of our times.
I fully disagree with their opinion of the Ramones though.
5 out of five.
Long live Food!


March 1, 2018
Hey, how about another review of Grateful Dead Kennedys? Not because they are worth discussing, but precisely because they are not worth discussing. Living up to the lazy, obvious and unsatisfying pop culture portmanteau with which they christened their "work," they are remarkably and memorably not worth discussing.

Bottom line: did you ever make silly tapes with made up songs made out of bits and pieces of pop culture when you were a kid? Maybe with your brother and or sister? Were the songs filled with "in jokes" about poopy diapers, etc? Were the jokes funny to no one else beyond the core group of kids recording it? Did Mom and Dad and Uncle Bill roll their eyes and walk away when they heard it? Was everyone completely lacking in musical ability? I mean COMPLETELY, as in unable to even speak rhythmically, let alone "rap" something in a borderline coherent meter. And then did someone inject a few "joking" references to "punk" and "hardcore" and "music," possibly under the influence of an older sibling? Did it sound like everyone was trying hard to try hard to seem like they weren't trying hard to try hard?

That's this recording in a nutshell. No amusement, no cleverness, nothing of any value whatsoever beyond evoking the vague nostalgia of listening to something sort of goofy you made by hand as a kid, a tape that you found 20 years after the fact and shut off after two minutes because it's so unfunny, lame and cringe inducing. I sought it out because I'm personally interested in terrible things. Sadly, my life time was wasted. The Grateful Dead Kennedys are heavy on the terrible, low on the interesting. In every way, as lacking, disposable and inessential as anything you could imagine, yet so unremarkable that they manage to become somehow remarkable.


February 28, 2018

Hearing this "music" is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. I may never recover. If I could time travel, I would go back in time to just before I heard this and shoot myself in the face.


February 28, 2018

Very terrible and anxiety inducing music. Can't believe this exists.