The Great Redneck Hope ‎– Behold The Fuck Thunder

Thinker Thought Records ‎– THI 009, Waving Wheat Records ‎– WW???
Vinyl, 12", Single Sided, White Label, Clear


1 Whoa, Frankenstein! I Didn't Program You To Make Out With Boys! 0:26
2 Let's Fall In Love Over AIM So We Can Fuck When We Meet At Cornerstone. 0:49
3 It Sure Does Get Lonely Out Here In The Boondocks. Thank God For Cock. 0:40
4 Call Me Old-Fashioned, But I Think Trains Are Kick-Ass. 0:51
5 Girl, Are You Pregnant? It’s Not My Fault! You Seduced Me! 1:39
6 Did You Ever Notice That "Stat" Is "Tats" Backward? Dude, That's So Tribal. 0:54
7 Cheeseburger Karma 2004: A Jam Odyssey. 0:58
8 Pssst! Hey, The Lord Is Awesome. Pass It On. 0:46
9 My Other Car Is A Centaur. 0:17
10 Killing The Wheelchair-Bound As They Exit Church With Missiles Fired From Helicopters Is My Milieu. 1:03
11 Are You There, God? Please Help Me Stop Masturbating. 0:51


Record comes in a white sleeve with a pink lightning bolt on the one side, and a slip cover of the album art that lines up with the lightning bolt.