The Luna Project* ‎– I Wanna Be Free



I Wanna Be Free (Parrish House Mix) 5:18
I Wanna Be Free (Troy's Dub) 5:14
I Wanna Be Free (The Higher Mix) 7:52



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April 21, 2005
edited over 12 years ago
referencing I Wanna Be Free (Remixes) (Part 2), 2x12", TP, W/Lbl, BL-911

Ok, I can see I've got my work cut out for me. Not only is is this just one variation of a known, commercially released colored vinyl double 12" with titles and timing, but there's also a single disc version. My favorite tracks are the raw, organ fueled ones, with that jazzy New Jersey House flavor, the incessant, unrelenting power of the very deep and basic production, the lyrical content..."You See....I Want To Be Free....I Wanna Get High...I Wanna Get Higher..." and on and on for the second half of the superior, less techie and nicely long at 10 plus minutes Original Factory Mix. It's one of these tracks listed above, trust me. The flip of that disc is a shorter, more vocal mix with less of an extended instrumental intro and more of a surprise at the end. Both sides rock. The other disc has a techier, more David Morales-esque flavor that some will prefer, so there's something for everyone. Need I add it's a Loft staple too? It's an absolutely essential House record, and that's from someone who's admitedly sick and tired of "house music all night long"!