The Magic Pacer ‎– Dig This Dig That

WIN Records ‎– WIN024
CD, Album


1 Dragon Lady
2 Trains
3 Wishes
4 Drama In Reverse
5 Electric Games
6 Invasion
7 Golden Feelings
8 Blood On Tuesday
9 Mississippi Blues
10 1960
11 Song In A



1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11: Recorded at Poop Alley by Tom Grimley / Mixed at Imperial Coin

3, 7, 8: Recorded & mixed at Poop Alley by Tom Grimley

4, 9: Recorded & mixed in Bobby's kitchen on 4 track

Mastered at Tower Mastering

Thank you: Devin Sarno, Tom Grimley, Hecksher Family, Mother Benett, Timothy tha bassman, Leslie (for being so damn cool), Taylor & DKO gang, Diggy, Sterling, M.C. Pusher & King Krappy, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Summer, Spacemen 3, Dallas Don & Lutefisk, Kraftwerk, Damion Romero, Dave Stone, Jamie, Rod Poole, Don Lewis, Chet Delcampo, Colin Sick, Bob & C-Dog, Barbie, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Farflung, Greg Tulip, Petra & Tanya & Rachel Haden, Liz Hickst Tinkerbell, James Ambrose, John Baker, Taro Baum, Iggy Pop (for the dollars...ha-ha), Lily, Cake (it's alright man), Maki Sound, Los Cincos, Matt, Polar Goldie Cats, Bakery, Sissy Bar, Solid Eye, Tom Bogdon, Tony Maxwell, Anna Waronker, LSD & Butthole Surfers, Fast Eddie rules the world!

All song © 1997 Retarded Music (ASCAP)