The Mars Volta ‎– Live At The Electric Ballroom July 9, 2003

Vinyl, LP, Grey Marble
Vinyl, LP, Green Translucent
All Media, Unofficial Release, Promo


From sleeve:
"The aim of this classic live recording is to reproduce the musical performance as near as possible to the original. Human hearing at its best has a frequency range from around 15Hz to 22kHz, although as you get older you lose some of the higher frequencies. However musical instruments, both traditional and electronic, are capable of producing a much wider frequency range. Whilst this may seem rather pointless, in fact it is very important when you consider harmonics. We can hear harmonics of sounds that we can't hear, so these inaudible sounds must also be recorded and reproduced so that we hear the harmonics. The advantages of a vinyl record is that it provides this full frequency range due to analogue recording, the record retains quality if stored correctly, and if partially damaged the rest of the disc is still playable, and of course how could you go wrong with Lovely LP sleeve - great art work!!!"

"For promotional use only"

The sleeve incorrectly states 'Drunkship Of Lanterns' to be track B1, but it is actually track A3.