The Not Very Good Interval Band ‎– Peru: Spoonraker

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1 Peru Then, Huddersfield Now 01:06
2 Return to the Beach Cafe and Herpes Clinic 01:15
3 Calling All The Hebrews 03:21
4 The Ballad Of Mr Shit 02:25
5 Mission: Quitedifficultbutnotifyou'vegotatrailingwindbehindyou 02:14
6 Go To Peru 02:54
7 Arrival / Go To Peru (Reprise) 00:38
8 Che Guevara And Lima Airport 02:08
9 The Customs Song 00:33
10 Dr Pippin's Theme 1 / Mr Bennett's Theme 1 02:41
11 The BIG Multimedia Sequence / Doctor Pippin's Theme 2 02:14
Peruvian Gig (07:34)
12.1 (i) History In A Pot
12.2 (ii) Marie Celeste (Part 1)
12.3 (iii) Marie Celeste (Part 2)
12.4 (iv) The Ecology Song
13 Coming Up... 00:35
14 The Lament For Mr Wombat 03:16
15 Doctor Pippin's Theme 3 / Mr Bennett's Theme 2 01:40
16 The Snack Shack 01:26
17 Viva Cassava 03:32
18 Meaty Stick 02:12
19 Rave Frog 01:32
20 Lost In The Jungle 00:51
21 The Binary Song 01:05
22 The Hazards Of Peru 01:23
23 Mystic Stew (And Beans) 03:09
24 Mind Spooning For Beginners 02:10
25 Spectral Snack Items 00:58
26 Pro-Celebrity Fatal Not Very Good Interval Band Knowledge Quiz 04:03
27 Doctor Pippin's Laboratory 00:59
28 MIB 05:03
29 Do Not Listen To This Track 00:54

Companies, etc.



Tracks 13 and 29 are not listed on the sleeve. Track 29 is a Spectrum program recorded as an audio track.
Credits as given in sleeve as follows:
mr lemur: guitars, vocals, keyboard in a strait jacket
mr mongoose: vocals and margarine tubs in an iron lung
mr satsuma: MIDI brick and vocals, in Africa, buried up to his neck in peat, live by satellite
mr wombat: lying on the floor, hiding,in stilettoes and wearing fish-net stockings on his arms
mr mushroom: not in the band. Never has been, never will be
All tracks written and performed by the not very good interval band (*)
lyrics available by listening to the album and copying them down
(c) 2000 Chunky Nimfot
(*) not entirely true viz. Calling All the Hebrews and Spectral Snack Items.
the band are sposnored by the chank-in-a-bag takeaway
band manager - mandy
band psychologist - gnu on a potty
band nightmare - bacon hanging alluringly from chin
band at war with - scotland
"the ecology song" originally appears on the 1993 album "puffins we have known and loved (let's kick in the chicken)" available from all good rehab centres