The People's Love Cult ‎– Join Us!

CDr, CD-ROM, Album, Stereo


1 We Are You
2 You Are Us
3 Fast Food Chains
4 Join Us
5 God Hates The Poor
6 Eternal Return
7 Sister May
8 Vindication
9 An Evening With Jim Jones and the People's Temple of Love, Mercy, and Doom
10 Acid Reflux
11 Solaris
12 Stillwater
13 Here Comes The Cult
14 Human Condition
15 The Dots
16 You Are We
17 Mr. Pope's Dream



The emerging and enlightened first band (that is also a religion), returns with a whole new cast of cult members lead by Mr. Pope. The follow up to Sun God, this folk-driven manifesto invites you to join us on our mission to take back the land free yourself from subliminal oppression.
A celebration in the contrast of cryptic noise and memories of the summer of love, this is our second full-length album and fourth release of 2016. Join Us.
Some of these tracks have appeared, abridged or unabridged, in previous Pope/Cult releases this year. Consider this our presentation.
The source of all reaction within the soul is unleashed with the power of feedback.