The Primitive Painter (2) ‎– Armadillo In The Snow EP

Dead Digital ‎– DD02


1 Armadillo In The Snow
2 Mantra
3 The People's Parasite
4 Foetal Attraction


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May 13, 2012
It's baffling me that, even though PP have a fairly 'normal' pedestrian approach to their music, I cannot seem to find the right pigeonhole to pop them into. Their music is instrumental with the occasional snatch of 'found' voice. It seems mainly led by keyboards with what would appear to be programmed drums.

The 'song' structures are fairly mainstream, far removed from the 'other' electronic music covered by AUDION magazine. Neither do they have the Jazziness of STARTLED INSECTS, nor the distinctive quirk of people like BILL NELSON. Maybe they would strike me as being akin to people like KIRLIAN CAMERA or OPERA MULTI STEEL or someone, but lacking the key element of a vocalist seems to leave them hanging in an incomparable limbo.

As for genre, I guess I'd say it was somewhere in the field of Pop music, although it lacks the saccharine tack of the big money end. They wink briefly towards Techno, then head off in a totally different direction.

As you can read, it's easier to say what they are not rather than what they are.

What then can be said? They create tight little instrumentals based as much on tune as rhythm, with enough variety within what they do to entertain without ever really lighting up the sky. It's all good stuff with only the import of 'found' voice making the listener cringe. I cannot see the message they are trying to get across by using TONY BLAIR's Religious Zealot Sincerity voice here - it sounds old hat and pointless (and neither does it help the music in any way).

It's good stuff and makes for reliable background music.}

Originally reviewed for Metamorphic Journeyman.