The Prof. Fuzz 63 ‎– Bang me hard! (to get inside)

Dreamy Life Records ‎– DLR-037
CD, Album
Cassette, Album


1 Shitwater TX Blues 3:47
2 Three-way Tie for Dog of the Year 2:39
3 Transcendentalhygienist's Lullaby 5:07
4 Golden Tickets to Heaven 3:32
5 Las Vegas Waltz 3:19
6 Goodtimespeedlove 3:53
7 Sippy Cup Blues 3:27
8 1992 (Leonard Cohen's Failed Prophecy) 2:33
9 Freejazzhands 3:53
10 Honey Bomb 3:43
11 Bacon Waltz 3:12


“Bang me hard! (to get inside)” is the new full-length album from Dallas’ The Prof.Fuzz 63. It is their second album. Both albums (and a limited-edition cassette-only EP) are released on Dreamy Life Records.

Q: What is the record all about?
A: It’s about banging something hard. Especially if you want to get inside. It could be a door. It could be a jar of olives. It could be your dream job. It could be your soulmate.*

Q: Wow! There are eleven songs on the album. What are they all about?
A: True. There are eleven songs, and they are about things. What sorts of things? Well, let’s take a look, one by one.

1. shitwater tx blues: This song is about the sad feeling one gets when plumbing goes bad.

2. three-way tie for dog of the year: This song is for people who like dogs. And ties. And three-ways.

3. transcendentalhygienist’s lullaby: This song is about unrequited love and oral hygiene, and may put you to sleep.

4. golden tickets to heaven: This song is a true crime story about aliens, fast food fried chicken, and Jesus.

5. las vegas waltz: This song is another true crime story. It is about having sex in a ferris wheel. It is also a waltz and an organ fugue.

6. goodtimespeedlove: This song is about a t-shirt I saw in Taiwan, cars, and Catholics.

7. sippy cup blues: This song is a nursery rhyme for people who have trouble holding their alcohol.

8. 1992 (leonard cohen’s failed prophecy): This song is true. I wish it wasn’t. I wish Leonard Cohen was still alive to hear it.

9. freejazzhands: This song is about street gangs in South Emily TX. It might be true. Or not.

10. honey bomb: This song is about love and loss. It also hints at another love triangle.

11. bacon waltz: This song is another true story and another waltz. It contains sage advice from Dear Abby about cooking breakfast.

*Only if your soulmate consents to hard banging.
released May 13, 2017

the prof.fuzz 63:
professor fuzz: guitar & vocals
sleepyredhead: organ & vocals
mr. b: drums

recorded, mixed, & mastered by britt robisheaux
@ cloudland recording studio, ft worth tx