The Real Estate Agents ‎– Markus Wormstorm & Sibot Are The Real Estate Agents

African Dope Records ‎– ADOPECD012
2 × CD, Album
CD, Enhanced

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CD1.1 Markus Wormstorm Jihad On The Dancefloor 5:10
CD1.2 Markus Wormstorm Tampax And Pinky Flow
Featuring, Lyrics By – Viktor Vaughn
CD1.3 Markus Wormstorm Second Letter B 1:31
CD1.4 Markus Wormstorm Me And You
Featuring – Watkin Tudor Jones
CD1.5 Markus Wormstorm Face Veg 2:30
CD1.6 Markus Wormstorm Mysteries Of Egypt 2:21
CD1.7 Markus Wormstorm Nicolai 2:53
CD1.8 Markus Wormstorm Komik 2:19
CD1.9 Markus Wormstorm Trendy Teddy 4:48
CD1.10 Markus Wormstorm Stuck In Time 5:14
CD1.11 Markus Wormstorm Outside Nounou 2:18
CD1.12 Markus Wormstorm Vanilla 2:38
CD1.13 Markus Wormstorm Whistle 7:03
CD1.14 Markus Wormstorm Fucking Jean 3:47
CD1.15 Markus Wormstorm Holke Bolke 5:44
CD1.16 Markus Wormstorm Junkle 4:35
CD1.17 Markus Wormstorm Master
Violin – Kyla Rose
CD1.18 Markus Wormstorm Khips 3:29
CD1.19 Markus Wormstorm Wegloop 10:14
CD2.1 Sibot Famon Nigiri 4:43
CD2.2 Sibot End All Intros 1:51
CD2.3 Sibot The Kif R Continue 5:38
CD2.4 Sibot Super Evil Me 4:25
CD2.5 Sibot Nice One George 1:46
CD2.6 Sibot Hold It 2:38
CD2.7 Sibot Rottn Guy 3:05
CD2.8 Sibot Sving 3:23
CD2.9 Sibot Old Bak Ache 4:14
CD2.10 Sibot Interlude 1:13
CD2.11 Sibot Box Skip Wars 4:04
CD2.12 Sibot Illatan 3:24
CD2.13 Sibot Ducktapeworm 4:09
CD2.14 Sibot Nok On The Door 2:19
CD2.15 Sibot Kwirj 2:52
CD2.16 Sibot Krakula Commith 4:25
CD2.17 Sibot Bumpanstealthing 1:15
CD2.18 Sibot Newcestrial 4:26
CD2.19 Sibot Poes In Boots 1:15
CD2.20 Sibot Biskut 3:28
CD2.21 Sibot OR5CH 5:01
CD3.1 The Real Estate Agents Animamal 5:21
CD3.2 The Real Estate Agents Second Letter B (Real Estate Mix)
Remix – The Real Estate Agents
CD3.3 The Real Estate Agents Moobrednow 3:27
CD3.4 The Real Estate Agents Poe Pa Doe 3:24
CD3.5 The Real Estate Agents Small Mouths Melody 7:03
CD3.6 The Real Estate Agents Pinky Flow 4:15
CD3.7 The Real Estate Agents Jihad On The Dancefloor (Real Estate Mix)
Remix – The Real Estate Agents
CD3.8 The Real Estate Agents Super Evil Me (Real Estate Mix)
Lyrics By – Watkin Tudor JonesRemix – The Real Estate Agents
CD3.9 The Real Estate Agents Jihad (Fuck Mix)
Remix – DJ Fuck
CD3.10 The Real Estate Agents Fetty 1:10
CD3.Video1 Sibot Super Evil Me
Other [Directed By] – 187 Films
CD3.Video2 Markus Wormstorm Ringo
Other [Directed By] – Black Heart Gang, The
CD3.Video3 Sibot I Give You My Love
Other [Directed By] – Conduit
CD3.Video4 Sibot Sibot Live @ African Hip Hop Indaba 2002
CD3.Video5 Sibot The Real Estate Agents
Other [Directed By] – Meme
CD3.Video6 Markus Wormstorm Vertigo
Other [Directed By] – Jannes Hendrikz



Video #2 is called "Ringo" but uses the track "Mysteries Of Egypt", and Video #5 uses the audio of the track "End All Intros".

All music published by African Dope Publishing.