The Real Untouchables* ‎– Mind Of A Psychopath

No Limit Records ‎– none
Cassette, EP


1 Mind Of A Psychopath
2 I'm Dealing Keys (Bonus)
3 Crooked Ass Law
4 Life Ain't Nothing But Bitches And Money


Info found online:

the very 1st TRU Tape from 1990 Master P only made 30 copies,u won´t find it nowhere!!

Released: February 15th, 1990
Record Label: No Limit Records

Mind Of A Psychopath Review: Here we have the world’s first introduction to No Limit Records. This is the first official release put out by Master P or No Limit records. Produced only on cassette and extremely hard to find. The insert for the tape states that the songs on this tape were “confiscated from the album Lifestyles Of The Rich And Dangerous.” It’s not clear if this tape is actually a single for the song Mind Of A Psychopath or a sampler of the songs from Lifestyles Of The Rich And Dangerous. Additionally, the album Lifestyles Of The Rich And Dangerous was never released. This is one of only a handful of releases not containing a rest in peace message to Master P’s brother Kevin Miller. Kevin Miller was gunned down in a drug related incident in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1990, the same year the Mind Of A Psychopath tape was released. Master P gives a shout-out to him in the liner notes, and he is not one of the two people listed in the Dedication/Rest In Peace text, which indicates that Kevin was alive when this tape was released. This release has many uncleared samples, which was common practice in the late 80′s and early 90′s. The songs on this tape are great late 80′s / early 90′s gangsta rap.
Top Song On The Real Untouchables (TRU) – Mind Of A Psychopath:

Mind Of A Psychopath featuring Sonya C

Interesting Facts About Mind Of A Psychopath:

Master P sold this album from the trunk of his car around Richmond, California.
Mind Of A Psychopath is the first release by No Limit Records or Master P.
Master P’s wife, Sonya appears as the only featured guest on this album under her rap name “Sonya C.”
The liner notes list the members of Master P’s group T.R.U. (The Real Untouchables) as including Master P, Grandmaster Scratch, King George, Big O, Chilly D, King George, Chill, Magic Mark.
This tape was released with a plain white cardboard insert with the only graphic being the earliest incarnation of the No Limit Records tank.