The Resonars ‎– The Complete Resonars

Burger Records ‎– BRGR422, Lolipop Records ‎– LPOP100
4 × Cassette, Compilation


The Resonars (Mono Version) (Star Time) Plus Bonus Tracks
A-1 Definitely Crescent Ridge (Mono)
A-2 So Below (Mono)
A-3 Crawl Out My Window (Mono)
A-4 Three Sisters And A Brother (Mono)
A-5 Own Up (Mono)
A-6 Hello Lemmings (Mono)
A-7 Bleak Day (Mono)
A-8 Dark On You Now (Mono)
A-9 Queen Tonight (Mono)
A-10 Six Daisy Neckchain (Mono)
A-11 Sightings At Nine (Mono)
A-12 This Is Not What Happens (Mono)
A-13 Sleep Don't Travel (B-Side Of "So Below" 45, Star Time)
A-14 Have You Heard The Prayer (Outtake)
Bright And Dark (Star Time) Plus Bonus Tracks
B-1 The Golden Age
B-2 Bathyscope
B-3 Marina
B-4 Goodbye Malanie
B-5 Carrie Don't Care
B-6 Gina
B-7 Too Much Girl
B-8 Eden In Transition
B-9 I'll Keep It With Mine
B-10 Under The Blazing Stars
B-11 If He's So Great
B-12 Spider West
B-13 Pretty Little Rose (Outtake, Released on Underachievers #5, Star Time)
B-14 I Didn't Feel So Cold Then (Outtake, Released on The Kitty Comp, Burger Records)
B-15 She's Alright (Outtake)
Lunar Kit (Get Hip) Plus Bonus Tracks
C-1 A Slice Of Today
C-2 Under Garden
C-3 Why Does It Have To Be So Hard
C-4 Retro Rocket
C-5 She's In Love With Her
C-6 Funny Old World
C-7 Flood Lamp Eyes
C-8 Lunar Kit
C-9 Way Way Way Way Out
C-10 Everything You Said
C-11 Little Spoiled Baby
C-12 Flood Lamp Eyes (Outtake, Version 2)
C-13 So Happy To Be Here This Way (Outtake)
C-14 Out Of Your Scene (Outtake)
C-15 She Knows Where It's At (Outtake)
C-16 Home To Limbo (Outtake)
Nonetheless Blue (Get Hip) Plus Bonus Tracks
D-1 Nonetheless Blue
D-2 Your Concern
D-3 Place You Have Been
D-4 Whatever You Want
D-5 Games Of Fear
D-6 Every Other Day
D-7 No Problem At All
D-8 If Darkness Comes Too Fast
D-9 Sinking Is Slow
D-10 As A Matter Of Fact
D-11 Soar Snippet
D-12 Three Times Around
D-13 Odd Sister (Outtake, released on the Wiener Dog Comp. Burger Records)
D-14 Stilted Place Or Name (Outtake)
D-15 Slinking Is Slow (Outtake, Version 1)
D-16 Listen! (Outtake)
D-17 Don't Think It's Fair (Outtake)
That Evil Drone (Burger Records) Plus Bonus Tracks
E-1 World Apart
E-2 No Black Clouds Float By
E-3 One Part Moan
E-4 Run Kodiak Run
E-5 Here's The Frenzy
E-6 No Horizon
E-7 Sister Sally
E-8 Black Breath
E-9 She Did
E-10 Bird Using Bird
E-11 Yes Grosvenor
E-12 Riding Backward On The Moon
E-13 This I Know Is True (Outtake, Released on Liverpool 2013, Trouble In Mind Records)
E-14 Here's The Frenzy (Outtake, Released on Dune Drift 2, Topaz Records)
E-15 A Stranger To Me (Outtake)
E-16 Sister Sally (Outtake, Version 1)
Crummy Desert Sound (Burger Records)
F-1 Tomorrow Gears
F-2 Invisible Gold
F-3 The World Is Wrong
F-4 A City Out Of Reach
F-5 Expecetations
F-6 Midtown Island
F-7 Vanishing People
F-8 I Had A Dream
F-9 John Stone Will Be Christian
F-10 It's What They Do
F-11 That Evil Drone
F-12 Across The Golden Border
Long Long Thoughts EP (Trouble In Mind Records)
F-13 Long Long Thoughts
F-14 Sit Right Down
F-15 Paint My Window Green
F-16 Stumbling On Stone
The Resonars On Tour! (Unreleased) Plus Bonus Tracks
G-1 Empty Main
G-2 Susan
G-3 Luxury's Trenches
G-4 Goodnight Floodlight
G-5 Ninteen Prayers
G-6 Drunk Pumpkin Blues
G-7 She Can Hear Her Players Play
G-8 Agony Of Parties
G-9 Mill
G-10 Daddy, I Think I'm Going Crazy
G-11 Take Another Look (Outtake)
G-12 A Waste Of Honesty (Outtake)
G-13 Exploding (Outtake)
Bonus Tracks
H-1 Don't Keep Me Waiting (Outtake from The Resonars)
H-2 Louise Tonight (Demo Recording from 2014)
H-3 Triple Damned Yesterday (Outtake from The Resonars)
H-4 If You've Got Troubles (Recording from 2013)
H-5 Why The Cobra (Outtake from The Resonars On Tour!)
H-6 It's Alright Ma, It's Only Witchcraft (Released on RSD 4-Way Covers Split, Trouble In Mind)
H-7 A Single Task (Outtake from The Resonars On Tour!)
H-8 Worried Life Blues (Recording From the Scrapped Project The Conjure, 2009)
H-9 Miss Parker's Crying (Recording From the Scrapped Project The Conjure, 2009)
H-10 Heart Like Mine (Outtake from Bright And Dark)
H-11 Radio Limbo Ad (Recorded For Radio Limbo, 1999)
H-12 Sparks (Released on Underachievers #3, Star Time)
H-13 Swirling Sky (Outtake from Lunar Kit)
H-14 I Want To Cross That River (Outtake from Crummy Desert Sound)
H-15 Radio Free Bakersfield Ad (Recorded for Radio Free Bakersfield, 2008)
H-16 Stumbling On Stone (Version 1, Outtake from Crummy Desert Sound)
H-17 Running To Summer (Outtake from Crummy Desert Sound)
H-18 And Thea Cried (Recorded in 2007)

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  • Barcode: 634457741741348


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January 6, 2020
can anyone help me with the title of track number 16 on side B of Tape 1, i.e. the missing B-16 ?
It's not listed above, there are only 15 named, but there's another track on my tape where they sing something like or similar to "(Looks like) I'll gonna have to please"
ThanX so much for your help