The Sleep Sessions / Rez Epo ‎– Sudden Momentary Episodes Of Being Pulled Into An Unconscious State

Chaosynod ‎– CHSN007
Cassette, C10



A split tape of two Polish projects. Dawid Kowalski [Sleep Sessions], with his distinct manner of sound creation and several live shows played throughout the years, has already fortified himself as one of the best in Polish noise scene. Here, his harsh, cut-up eruptions of distorted electronics are repeatedly interrupted by silent drone loops, as if to prevent them from reaching listener's brain. Rez Epo, started out by Konrad Materek in 2006, yet under a different name, steadily goes towards finding a way to convey stream of his consciousness in audial form. In order to express the confusing, chaotic nature of psychedelic experience, sensory overload and abstract language forms, he combines different musical genres, taking from them whatever he finds suitable and modifying to his own liking. Rez Epo's side of this tape is filled with metallic, pulsating loops and high-frequency wailing of no-input mixer.

Yellow tape, xerox covers on color paper. Cover artwork by Konrad Materek [Rez Epo]


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March 28, 2010
This incredibly short tape boasts a stark contrast on it’s two sides. Side A features The Sleep Sessions’ track “Obscurantism.” It’s playful noise manipulation changes really quickly keeping the listener on their toes. The loops come in short bursts broken up by silence. It’s a different side of noise but still manages to create that uncomfortable feeling.
Side B has Rez Epo appearing with his track “X’tyrr Fufoliae.” The track very bluntly contrasts side A with it’s minimal simplicity and consistency. Mechanical and synthetic elements push the five minute track toward a noise-drone while a few other elements keep a high intensity going. It’s a really well put together track; There’s not too much drone, never too many layers and experimental tidbits are not overwhelming. It’s a great and almost too short tape. (