The Smudge ‎– Hair Due 9th

CDr, Album


1 Frontage Road Overture 2:19
2 Crumble Frog Relationship 1:29
3 Rebirth Rundown 1:50
4 Rob A Man Blind 2:22
5 Ctrl Is A Subjective And Constant Art From 2:03
6 Frontage Road Exit 0:38
7 Afterward 0:47
8 Archibald Cat Figurine Collection 3:28
9 Rabbit Attempts Spicy 1:17
10 Various Drugs 5:38
11 Satn 5:04
12 Wavy Imitation Used To Disctract 1:52


One day, The Smudge was in the bath. As he soaked, he wrote and arranged this cute little noisy bunch of stuff. "Hair Due 9th" Is inspired by turntablism, randomization in music, harsh noise and drone music, idm, experimental, and ambient music. It is a feisty blend of rubbing alcohol, whiskey, codeine, and outer space, compressed into song. He hopes you enjoy it if you can. If you cannot enjoy it, at least burn a copy and throw it forcefully out of a moving car at an enemy.

Here now, the players
Composition and Sampling: The Smudge
Album Art: Bucko Crooks
Business Frontage Roads: Sir Broses Duke
No part whatsoever: Gizmo

Track three contains a sample taken from tv's "12 oz mouse".
Track nine is an actual phone conversation with The Smudge's good friend Rabbit. His hobbies are cooking spicy food and training to be a fucking ninja.

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