The State ‎– Control

Sound Sound ‎– SOS 1


1 Heartbeat 1:38
2 Kiss The Sky 4:32
3 Deva State Ion 5:40
4 Democrazy 3:11
5 Meltdown 1:26
6 Evergreen 3:41
7 Panic Stations 3:35
8 Sweetness And Light 4:10
9 Desert Storm 1:59
10 Terror Absolute Terror 4:40
11 The New Decayed 3:11
12 Die Younger 3:07
13 Sold To Sold 4:08
14 The Only Revolution In Town 4:17
15 This Is The Way It Is 4:35
16 Black And Blues 5:35
17 Reich And Roll Requiem 1:28


  • ProducerStanza*
  • Recorded By, Written-By, Drums, Sampler, Vocals, KeyboardsStanza*

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June 4, 2012
This is released on both cassette and CD - side one opens with "Heartbeat", a tense, dramatic thing bouyed up by 2-note bass, with blasts of noise and spiky guitar. "Kiss The Sky" is a large sounding thing which fades in and out around a central tense bass rhythm - keyboards both melodic and noisy swirl and fragment around the spine of rhythm. "Deva-State-Ion" is thick and meaty with huge blotches of white like bleach stains of sound. It's quite muscular and threateningly loud enough to frighten any passers by. "Democrazy" follows this, with a much tighter, more claustrophobic piece of almost Funky music with heaps of white sounds covering the backdrop, trying almost to erase the sounds beneath it. It reminds me a little of JAN HAMMER, if you can imagine his music forced under duress through distortion peddles galore. "Melt Down" is perhaps the strangest track which sounds not unlike a series of electronic explosions set to an odd fragmentary beat. "Panic Stations" is almost melodic, if it were not for the fuzzy whiteness of the mix o a medium-paced beat dances it forward. The lyrics sound not unlike those for CABARET VOLTAIRE's "Breakdown". Next up is "Evergreen", a sort of blandish instrumental. Then comes "Sweetness And Light" - perhaps one of the more 'catchy' numbers on this tape - the bassline seems to have been taken from BOWIE's "Fashion". STANZA moans, groans and talks over the recording adding that extra something. "Desert Storm" finishes off that side, bursting in on taped voice, Air Raid Sirens, samples and loops while the drums batter their message across.
The first track on side 2, "Terror Absolute Terror" opens sounding a little off-tempo, with a slow beat over which a didgeridoo-like synth sound buzzes away while various pieces of percussion and Gregorian Chants rise and fall in the background. "The New Decayed" (hmm) follows this in a cloud of fragmenting white noise which forms and breaks around the distant beat while synth noises rise ever upwards as if trying to escape. Voice trys to break through the noise, but only partly succeeds. "Die Younger" is a brief fragment of music with rising synths over pained rhythm. "Sold To Sold" is another track which seems to verge on structural dissolution while STANZA shouts his words across. This gives the music a strange atmosphere, and the listener tries to hold it together with sheer will power. "The Only Revolution" has a slow, Summery sound to it, like being sat on a Mediterranean beach watching sunlight play a thousand jaggling patterns of colour across a sluggish roving and deadly oil slick. "This Is The Way It Is" crashes into existance like audio vandalism, becoming a slow and brooding atmospheric piece. A fuzzy undercurrent holds the tempo while all manner of synths, from huge and melodic to harsh and scratchy. "Black & Blues" comes next on acoustic guitar while the threatening-to-fragment white umbrella of synth sweeps over the top. Drums appear, way back in the mix, rising now and then from the miasma. A totally different track emerges from the ashes, before fading out once more. "Reich & Roll Requiem" finishes the album off with it's structure threatening to collapse into non-beat. It ceases to exist with 'jungle animal' type voices, sampled and played last. Another fragment appears at the end of the tape, cutting off as it ends - this has no title, but is clearly THE STATE.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.