The Tinklers ‎– If We Served Our Canvases Together.../If You Want Nice Weather Be Nice To Your Weather

Widemouth Tapes ‎– none
Cassette, Album


A1 In The Earliest Times
A2 One Caveman Finds A Root, One Caveman Finds A Sloth
A3 I Won't Eat Your Root, If You Don't Eat My Sloth
A4 The Invention Of Cooking
A5 The Invention Of Fish Feeling Sad About Being Speared By Humans
A6 Two Root Gathers Meet In A Field
A7 Two Early Planters Have A Conversation About The High Priest
A8 What Kind Of God
A9 The Invention Of Taxation
A10 I'm Proud To Be A Citizen Of The Roman Empire
A11 Two Frenchmen Discuss The Battle Of New Orleans And Their Maid, The Maid Of Orleans
A12 Once Their Was A Time, When They Burned A Lot Of Girls
A13 Aboard The Santa Maria With Christopher Columbus And A Close Associate
A14 Somewhere In Darkest Africa...
A15 The Great Land Rush
A16 Ghost Dance Song
A17 Steven And Mary In San Francisco
A18 We've Been Darning All Their Sox And Hanging Up Their Coats
A19 Working Together United They Are One
A20 Strictly American Home
A21 Equal Partners Home
A22 Commune Home
A23 Single Partner Home
A24 Poverty-Stricken Home
A25 Invention To Turn The Earths Soil Into An Unlimited Energy Supply
A26 The Generals
A27 Maybe...
A28 Splash, Splash
A29 My Eyes Look Into Your Eyes Look Into...
A30 I Saw Your Arms When You Were Hammering
A31 The Tree Song
B1 Tinklers Playing Guitars In Sleeping Bags
B2 Moms Cook Inside/Dads Cook Outside
B3 Burpin' Fugus People With Flashlights
B4 Casseroles
B5 Don't Put Your Finger In The Fan
B6 Don't Put Your Finger In The Sex Places
B7 Electricity (Charts Read By Mr. Tweedy)
B8 I Was Swimming In The Ocean...
B9 I Was Walking Down The Street...
B10 The Other Day I Was Playing Checkers With A Friend Of Mine...
B11 It Was A Haunted House (3 Versions)
B12 Black Dog, Friendly Dog
B13 Oh The _ Is Connected To The _
B14 Tough Guys Are Probably Sad Inside
B15 Mutations
B16 Moms Cook Inside/Dads Cook Outside
B17 Simple Song Of Simple Faith
B18 Eleanor Bumpers
B19 Turn The Screw On The Crank
B20 Bear Came Around
B21 We're Not Alone/Space Is The Place/Rocket #9
B22 Thinkin' To Much