The Triffids ‎– Jack Brabham

Cassette, Compilation


A1 Dead Wind (1982)
A2 Pleasure Slide (1984)
A3 Nervous Breakdown (1984)
A4 When A Man Turns Bad (1984)
A5 Slow Decay (1983)
A6 The Long Fidelity (1984)
A7 A Curse On Me (1985)
A8 Wide Open Road (1986)
A9 How Could I Hope To Love You (1987)
A10 Wish To See No More (1986)
A11 Burned (1985)
A12 Sweet Jane (1984)
B1 Snake Pit (1982)
B2 Raining Pleasure (1987)
B3 Good Morning (1987)
B4 Suspicious Minds (1984)
B5 Old Ghostrider (1983)
B6 Femme Fatale (1984)
B7 Too Hot To Move (1987)
B8 Mellow Yellow (1984)
B9 Satisfied Mind (1984)
B10 Gilligans Island (1984)
B11 Hope You Recover Soon (1986)
B12 She's Sure The Girl I Love (1986)
B13 Lanallu (1982)
B14 Mercy (1986)
B15 Born Sandy Devotional (1986)
B16 Rosevel (1987)


Sleeve notes: Ninety minutes of rare (under cooked) snippets of tunes allegedly attributed to the Triffids. Beware of wildly fluctuating recording and performing quality.

Sold at the Triffids Perth shows 19 and 20 December 1988 and limited to just 50 copies.

The cover lists 'Kathy Knows' as Track 8 on side A, but this has been partly covered by Tippex and the song does not feature on the actual tape.

The handle of the Swiss Army Knife on the cover has been hand coloured in red texta on each copy.

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January 16, 2017
edited about 1 year ago

Of all the rare cassettes i own this is probably one of my all time favourites - it contains 26 classics and 2 slightly lame covers (Gilligan's Island & Mellow Yellow). Although the packaging warns of "wildly fluctuating recording and performing quality" it is generally of quite good to excellent quality throughout and I have not heard too many bum notes in the playing. (On my copy only a few songs have any significant distortion, hissing or static evident and the sound drops noticeably in volume midway through B4). A personal highlight is the lovely version of Lanallu - it starts with a female voice calling "Rolling..." to which Dave replies "Thanks Mum" (priceless!) The atmospheric live version of Rosevel is also another of many highlights - despite some minor sound quality issues this cassette is filled with great recordings of this amazing band.
Please note that none of these recordings are included on Come Ride With Me and for the most part they are only available on this cassette. Only 50 copies were made apparently. Thank god i own it.