The White Angles ‎– But He Never Comes Back

Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single, Mono


A But He Never Comes Back
B Missouri



Obscure 60s Beat/Garage band from Basel, Switzerland.
Real name of the band = The White Angels

Both sides of this privately released demo 45 got recorded in 1967. There were only about 500 copies of it ever made. It was never available from any shops. They've self-sold all the copies at their gigs. A good number of them went sleeveless into some Jukeboxes.

Gysin used to operate one recording studio in Münchenstein (a suburb of Basel), as well as one in Riehen (part of Basel-City).

The recording session at Gysin's studio in Riehen/Basel, and pressing of the 45 through Gysin's studio got paid for by the four band members, and Peter Müller, who used to be a friend of Freddy Schmassmann. They've paid Gysin a 1000 Swiss Franks for the package deal, that was also including the printing of the sleeves, this is according to Emil "Milo" Metthez.

Peter Müller rates as the photographer (no connection to any other persons called Peter Müller). The photo was taken at the Letziturm in Basel.

Their band name got misspelled on the cover as well as on the labels. It should have read The White Angels (and therefore not The White Angles). According to Freddy Schmassmann, they've only realized about the wrongly spelled band-name a couple of months after the 45 was already released, this is thanks to some english-speaking chap from the audience who had informed him about the funny mistake. They've then got themselves a lead singer from Texas, and continued to play under the new moniker of "The Sheets" until into the early 70s.

Emil Metthez is still active as a musician today, his current band is called "Ham N'Cheese"

"But He Never Comes Back" by The White Angels has recently appeared officially (with the permission of the band) on the "Last Of The Garage Punk Unknowns" - Vol. 8 LP / CD made by Crypt Records.