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January 8, 2008
referencing Goes Noord Vs The Rest Of The World, 12", GEN002
I have rated this vinyl a 5/5, let me tell you why:

The first track, a remix (I dont know the original track, but that doesn't bother me) is so cool in percussion and arrangement. It also sets multiple atmospheres. I am really in love with this track. I had to listen it a couple of times before I could dig this stuff but now I'm enlighted!

Pathetic VIP is, as the name says, a VIP version of Pathetic. I fell in love with the original which was in a mix of TOA once, and I think this VIP version is even better. Productiontechnically very good and also has that typical dark atmosphere again!

Extreme Stress Reaction is a hard, rough and fast track. But good produced, cool arrangement and nasty darkness once again.

The remix of that track is even better imo. Different speeds, good percussion, very cool and dark atmosphere. Omg I think I'm in love once again :-)

In short words: too bad polygamy isn't allowed and you can't marry vinyls, but else I would've committed myself to this fantastic dark music in that way! Now I'm just stuck on turning these vinyls to grey, but I see nothing wrong with that either :)