Thermoderm ‎– Thermoderm

Soul Static Sound ‎– soul 20
Vinyl, 12"


A1 Radium Writes Its Signature
A2 Cardboard And Chickenwire Construct
B1 Empire State Observatory
B2 Underwater Robot



Release notes taken from the Ganger.UK website:

Through some weird quirk of fate the four of us ended up having access to an 8-track studio at 'beatbox', a music / sound engineering course for the unemployed in glasgow. we went in one night and wrote, recorded and mixed 'radium ....'. i sent the track down to darryl at soul static sound (he sometimes dj'd during ganger sets at our london shows) and offered to release a single if we got more tunes together. another 3 or 4 nights were spent getting the other tracks together and we ended up with this record.

I guess it just gave us all a chance to mess about and experiment. there has never really been any thought to playing live (don't even know if we could manage that ) and although there has been mention of doing some new stuff, it's never happened - we'll see!

Hubby plays guitar and sings in 'el hombre trajeado' at the moment. check out the 'links' page for their web address. they released an album recently on 'guided missile' and have several singles and split singles kicking about. check them out if you can - their records are good but i reckon they're at their best live.

Jason drums in various bands at the moment including 'scatha' (one album out and another due for release) and 'shank' (think they may have a single due out). he's also responsible for doing the thermoderm cover artwork - one of the best cover's i've seen for a long time.

Martin played keyboards / noises for ganger during our middle period and was well noted for the hilarious elbow antics at his keyboards during our gigs. he dj's every friday at the 13th note club just now and writes / programs some of his own tunes at home.

I seem to be spending most of my life on this bloody web site just now - cheers! stuart