Third Mind Movement ‎– Картонный мятеж

™M ‎– #08
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"Cardboard Rebellion" is a fourth album by Third Mind Movement, recorded and mixed from April thro' December, 2014. It's an output of many people, who provided their ideas, skills and different instruments for making skin and bones, flesh and plasma of all of the things which reside here in balled up and stressful relationships.

Those responsible:
- Arsenic Strychnine – devices and tools, samples, synths, main voice, lyrics
- Dmitry Noise – devices and tools, toy instruments, zigger-zagger, synths, saxophone
- Dietrich Belensky – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica
- Nikita Overquietwater – drums, percussion, another voice in "We Carry On" (#10)
- Anna M. – flute, another voice in "Merry-go-round" (#01), "Sliding Wall" (#03) and "Ups and Downs" (#09)
- Michael Mohsen – treshchotka, shaker, metal bucket
- Miles Devidovych – horn, zhaleika
- Shan – tambourine, jew's-harp
- Ki Uuu – glockenspiel
- Frankly S. Hankly – devices and tools, samples, second guitar in "We Carry On"

Most of the instruments were recorded in August and October at BaZooka Studio in Vladimir. Other parts were recorded in Strychninum Sanctum, Noise's Flat and Frankly's Room.

Artworks made by Arsenic Strychnine, Nikita Overquietwater, Shan, Pasha Curtis and Maria Spirit.