Third Mind Movement ‎– Осьминожка

™M ‎– #11
8 × File, FLAC, MP3, Album, Compilation


01 Спящим 13:36
02 Перчатки 7:08
03 Восемь ног 5:53
04 Грязные дети 7:40
05 Котятки 14:34
06 Струны Парацельса 7:29
07 Сенсация/Три дольки чеснока/Мне сказали 11:25
08 Вставные проекты/Рисуемая мозгом картина 9:26


Third Mind Movement (TMM) was formed in September 2010, when three young guys – Strychnine, Noise and Dissonance – met in one spot. At the same time the first TMM’s sound beings were born and underwent many mutations ever since. In a little over two years their first house "Life Is Fine" was built.
Since then TMM released several audio-mazes, made few gigs and took on board more bandmates.

"Octopi" is a retrospective release, a compilation of things and beings wich were born on TMM's salad days. "Octopi" concentrates on the period from 2010 thro' 2014 before the "Cardboard Rebellion".

Those responsible:
- Arsenic Strychnine – devices and tools, samples, synths, voice, lyrics (except #03 "Eight Legs" and #02 "Gloves")
- Dmitry Noise – devices and tools, samples, synths, mouthorgan, jew's-harp, saxophone, lyrics in #08 ("Pluggable Projects / Picture Painted By Brain")
- Vladimir Dissonance – devices and tools, samples, synths, bass, electric guitar, violin