Throes Of Ire ‎– Funeral For A Witch

4 × File, ogg-vorbis, Album, Reissue, Remastered, Hexen Edition



The "Hexen Edition" is a remixed and remastered version of the "Funeral For A Witch", which also contains the "Hexed" version of the song "The Witch Voyage" from the "Aberration Of Fate" album.

From the official Bancamp album web page:

"This album is the story of Margaret Aitken, the great witch of Balwearie. After having pled guilty under torture, she offered to help a commission of witch hunters to point out witches in all parts of the country in exchange for her life. During a period of four months, The Aitken commission visited several parts of Scotland and a large number of people were arrested, put on trial and burned on the stake after having been pointed out by her. Eventually Aitken is driven mad by the guilt and haunting glares she cannot ream from her mind of the innocent girls killed by her hand. Eventually she is proven to be a fraud and is burned at the stake herself. (This is our interpretation of the Story)

Margaret Aitken has been identified as a witch. After being tortured she makes a deal with the devil to save her own life at the cost of others that are innocent.

Where Darkness Divides:
Margaret continues to point out the innocent, one by one trading their lives for her own. Ultimately she begins to go mad, haunted by the innocent lives burned at the stake, haunted by the eyes she must look into every time she sentences another girl to death.

Solitary Mourning:
As Margaret continues to struggle with her madness she is losing more of herself and finally bereft of all sanity she is found to be a fraud, tried by the court of evil men, and burned at the stake."