Throes Of Ire ‎– The Mourner's Cairn

3 × File, ogg-vorbis, EP


1 In Brea Bas 01:54
2 Caillte 08:00
3 Dubhadh 07:28



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November 16, 2015

Throes of Ire are back in 2015 with a new 3 song EP entitled "The Mourners Cairn". The track In Brea Bas kicks things off with a nice acoustic piece that has a very somber atmosphere. It's a short and sweet intro to the EP that transcends merely a piece a filler. Caillte kicks off The Mourners Cairn into high gear with a very pounding death/doom assault that is very much reminiscent of their first full length album. The track is executed perfectly with charging guitars and vocals that seriously shine on this track. A very powerful attack that switches into a down tempo assault with a signature instrumental interlude that Throes of Ire are known for before switching into a steady heavy doom filled ending. Before you can catch your breath the track Dubhadh comes in at full speed knocking you back. There is some great guitar work on this track, they interlace with vocals seamlessly and, showing both brutal heavy charge and intertwined melody. The orchestration on this track was done in a way that I have never heard in this genre, so heavy! A very brilliant display of riffs and melody on this EP. Very much different from the bands last outing "Funeral for a Witch" which was very slow, very funeral type doom metal. It would seem that Throes of Ire will not be pigeon holed into a specific doom genre as the diversity they have shown over their catalog seems to keep us guessing. Never knowing what to expect from these gentlemen is a true treat in this instance. The Mourners Cairn is powerful, dark, and showcases some of the best production we have heard from the band. If you like your doom metal in the early MDB death variety, this is your fix!