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Recorded on 23-24 March, 20-21 April, 25&27 July 1991 in Hackney London.
A08 is not a cover of the Skrewdriver track.


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June 4, 2012
With another eye-catching full colour cover - this time something both Surreal (a little like Magritte or Wadsworth) and chilling images of cemetries and cold blank expressions.
Side one of the cassette opens with "Isolation" which claims that ANDY MARTIN wrote both music & lyrics, but it sounds uncannily like something by JOY DIVISION, except for the minimal vocals. "Don't You" is a fast Punk thrash over which slowish vocals are shouted. "St. Mary's Church In A Dell..." is a very brief song (just 4 seconds long). "Career" is a medium-fast paced thing with a folk taste. "The People's Sport" rushes along on Punk adrenaline. "Hugh MacDiarmid" is a Traditional Scottish-sounding piece with snarly guitars. "Shove The Dove!" sounds like early UK SUBS with LEMMY singing rather melodically over the top. "White Power!" is an Anti-Racist anthem set to a hectic paced music similar to STIFF LITTLE FINGERS' "White Noise". "Sick Society" is a snaggle-toothed track and one of the best on the album with a rough-throated melody (and has an element of racism to it!). "A Lesson For Lovers" is a sort of Scottish version of THE POGUES (albeit with more guts than of late). "What Are You?" has Punk concerns, although the music itself is more a fast Folk music. "In All Honesty" is a fast and furious piece with a certain quirkiness. "1 Hour 40 Minutes" is a quick-toed song spitting a gallon of vitriol in under a minute. "Lux Aeterna" is a weird electronic-sounding piece about Christ, it's noisy but strange sound standing out among the other more straightforward Punk music. "Aspire To A Spire On Fire" sounds a good title for a fairly basic although well-played thrash-out. "The Lost Page Of The Bible" is a 100 MPH aural assault - the 'lyrics' with a dark but relevant humour. "No God" is a Trad Punk attack on belief. "Hardcorps" ends side one with a well-put-together instrumental.

Side two opens with "Here Are The Young Men" a surprisingly mellow and melodic track, although still nimble on it's musical toes. It reminds me of JOY DIVISION in structure. "Subhuman Debris" is a fast and short piece of music with a bitter taste in it's mouth. "Loudmouth" is an uptempo but tongue-in-cheek thing. "Revolution" reminds me of mid-Eighties 'Punk'. "Blads And Blasses" is a fast paced on people who go out to drink and fight. "Homocore" is a witty thing about 'relationships' with Americans of similar sexual leanings. "Simon: Sleep!" is an interesting little piece of music with equally interesting lyrics. "Gallus Bloke" is a Punk version of a Scottish Traditional song, and good it is too. "High Rise Wains" again follows a Traditional piece of music (or so it says) with leanings towards THE SKIDS although this has a harder edge. "Conspiracy" is a dark, almost evil sounding song. "UK92" is another fast and furious piece following a young rebel's progression from a NF supporter to personal enlightenment. "Bad Geography" is a fast instrumental with a motorbike grinding away in the background. "Information" is a fairly complex and ambitious piece of music with some strange-yet-likeable sounds in it. The album closes on "Muz's Other Cassette Machine" - an attack on their friend's tape player which ends, as did "The Death Of Music Cassette Machine" with the destruction of the offending device.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.