Tolerance (12) ‎– What's Your Tolerance?

Not On Label ‎– none


A1 Intro
A2 Massive Anxiety
A3 Unemployment
A4 Perpetual Privatization
A5 Rhetoric Of Hate
A6 Horrible Dreams
A7 Greedy Arseholes
A8 Just Another Atrocity
A9 Gossip Monger
A10 Freedom Of Expression
A11 Good Enough?
A12 Shameless Demagogue
A13 Catastrophic Indigestion
A14 Daily Deception
A15 Mental Stagnation
A16 Unnecessary Nihilism
A17 Visual Oppression
A18 Malevolent Manipulation Of Information
A19 Puking And Crying
A20 Deliberate Destruction Of Everything
A21 Independent Media
A22 Never Mind The Narrow Minded
A23 Self Persecution
A24 Importance Of Hygiene
A25 Belief
A26 Outro
B1 Intro
B2 Massive Anxiety
B3 Unemployment
B4 Perpetual Privatization
B5 Rhetoric Of Hate
B6 Horrible Dreams
B7 Greedy Arseholes
B8 Just Another Atrocity
B9 Gossip Monger
B10 Freedom Of Expression
B11 Good Enough?
B12 Shameless Demagogue
B13 Catastrophic Indigestion
B14 Daily Deception
B15 Mental Stagnation
B16 Unnecessary Nihilism
B17 Visual Oppression
B18 Malevolent Manipulation Of Information
B19 Puking And Crying
B20 Deliberate Destruction Of Everything
B21 Independent Media
B22 Never Mind The Narrow Minded
B23 Self Persecution
B24 Importance Of Hygiene
B25 Belief
B26 Outro


Dubbed onto recycled tapes, lyrics sheet included. Covers also available in pink.

Liner notes:
26 raw trax demo. Recorded in 2015. Bootleg this tape!